Welcome to the IYERUSALEM SCHOOL HOUSE Animated Atlas of World HistoryEdit

(work in progress)

Below are links to the animations depicting the view of history as researched by Ierusalem School House.

Some may be surprised to realize there is, as of AD 2016, no "official" timeline of events recognized by international scholars for anything before about 1200 BC. If you try to find out what specifically happened, you will find much disagreement among all the years of sources out there. Hardly any two websites out there today will present the same chronology of events before 1200 BC, so in honesty it is rather like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, with all the variant timelines depending on whom you ask or what sources you accept.

These maps represent my own chronology researching the sources I chose to accept, out of centuries' worth of sources to choose from. Previous chronographers did not have anything like the Animaps tool, but it can be used to plot anyone's view of history, real or imaginary. You could take any history book ever written, say Diodorus Siculus, and plot out the events of world history as he described according to that timeline on such an 'animap'.

If anyone else thinks they can construct a better animap depicting his or her own view of specific world events or developments for the same timeframes, using any sources whatsoever he or she trusts, accepts, or prefers, I'd love to see it. What is your view of history from 2500 to 1200 BC? Make an animap if you can, and let me know! Cheers, Ras Feqade I

Update: here is someone else's attempt at showing all of history from 3175 BC to 2000 AD on a single animated map made in 12/2015; this is more like a mainstream view based on english wikipedia for the early centuries (not too bad on the less controversial centuries)

Update: here is an updated version of the more or less 'mainstream view' purporting to show all boundary changes from 200,000 BC until 2016 AD! Pretty good job, I am working on my own YouTube version inspired by these efforts and hope to have something to share soon!

Animated MapsEdit

Map 1: 25th Century BCEdit

Map 2: 24th Century BCEdit

Map 3: 23rd Century BCEdit

Map 4: 22nd Century BCEdit

Map 5: 21st Century BCEdit

Map 6: 20th Century BCEdit

Map 6: 19th Century BCEdit

Coming soon: 18th Century BCEdit

Bonus map: 20th Century AD (in progress)Edit

Coded from 1901 up to outbreak of world war 1, as of 12 July 2016