This will be my timestamped translation from Amharic of the portions of Fere Kenafer, the official daily chronicle of Haile Selassie I, available at . These available portions at that website in Amharic, cover events from October 1954 to March 1957 during HIM reign as King of Kings of Ethiopia.

The title Fere Kenafer is Ethiopic meaning literally "fruit of the lips". I am presenting this here in English in the public interest for the statesmanlike advancement of mankind.

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Speech given standing before H.M. the King of Kings by the Hon. Mr. Zindako Istambuk, special envoy and Minister plenipotentiary of the Yugoslav Republic, when presenting his certificate of appointment on October 4, 1954 before noon at Jubilee Palace, and the response given by His Majesty.

A) The Hon. Minister's speech

Your Majesty,

I feel honour in presenting Your Majesty the certificate whereby I was appointed by the President of the Yugoslav Federative Popular Republic to be the Yugoslav special envoy to Your Majesty's Empire and Minister plenipotentiary, as well as the certificates whereby those before me were called.

I am feeling deep joy especially in being received to advance this honorable message, for the development accomplished in Your great and heroic country at this present fortunate time, and likewise for our firmly established historic friendship, that the broad efforts we routinely perform together be fruitful.

What always serves the shared understanding and strong foundation between both of our countries, is the profound passion and commitment that is similar. And by such a shared understanding and heartfelt passion, the two friendly peoples can prevail for our challenges and for everything we bring to a path of fulfillment for the future. And this will happen, by their ability so far to collect together all their powers and toils on the fruitful path; to help establish agreement on a proper level, and also to help true reason prevail, among all the governments and peoples, by their striving until the end for their freedom, like all who defend peace. Therefore the friendship between both of our countries, and the widening of good relations, is not only a distinction for both friendly governments, it is also an additional witness, for all the war powers found in the world, of the progress of mankind and the struggle of the world.

Your Majesty,

My heart is touched with joy in finding an opportunity to present the greetings of my people and government, as well as the entire country with the President; and in the people being able to reveal their admiration and lofty love, and demonstrate its heartfelt friendship for Your brave people, at the time Your Majesty came to Yugoslavia with Your Royal Family and Ministers. It is the crucial reason that the two governments will strengthen, who had been greatly oppressed by this reason, in the time when Collective Security did not exist to oppose invaders.

At this time we must reveal it being our unshakable intention to ascertain the true and best future fortune for our peoples in cooperation and determined support in the practices that succeed by the powerful and true mutual assistance and on the basis of the United Nations articles.

Your Majesty,

During the time when Your Majesty visited my country, the people of my country Yugoslavia have revealed their feeling from the heart on Your Beloved Majesty, their admiration from the deep spirit within them for Your being a lofty, successful and great leader for Ethiopia's future good fortune. Just as the battle that Your people and Your Majesty made, at the time You fought with great bravery for Your country's freedom, was inscribed unforgettably upon the heart, so too the special celebrations made at the time Your Majesty sojourned within Yugoslavia have been inscribed unforgettably within the hearts of Yugoslavia's people.

Your Majesty,

While I present my gratitude to Your Majesty for the fully successful collaboration and for the assistance made, and likewise while I reveal profound love for Ethiopia's people and my heart sprung admiration for the battle made in the past, I am respectfully begging Your Majesty to accept me and the good intention I have to demonstrate my complete loyalty, by reason of both our countries' lofty friendship, and also for the victory that reflects for the future.

I hope that Your Majesty's help and confidence, that has been provided so far at this present time when I was prepared to deploy my labors on work, will not depart from me.

While I beg Your Majesty to accept for me, it being Your good will, the friendship for Your Majesty, for the Royal Family, and for the valiant Ethiopian people, that the people of Yugoslavia and the President of the Republic concur in, and this certificate that has a lofty estimation and was a renewed testimony, it is also with presenting my special gratitude of honour.

B) His Majesty the King of Kings' speech.

Honorable Minister,

I am very pleased with your being appointed as our friend the Yugoslavian government's special envoy to Our Imperial Palace and Minister plenipotentiary.

The firm unchanging friendship between the two peoples, being more than a foundation for our common ideas and benefits, shows it elevating the two countries' friendship and relations.

And especially now the visit We made recently for the great people of Yugoslavia and for its lofty leader is a witness to the friendship and bonding between the two countries being evident and strong. The fine reception that the illustrious Yugoslav people and its great leader made for Us every day at the times We were in Yugoslavia, has become what guaranteed the admiration We had for the people and their honorable leader. Our Heart has been deeply touched by the feeling of joy they revealed for Us and by the fine reception they made for Us, at the times of the visit We made while touring within Yugoslavia.

You can rely on Our help not diminishing on you, in the effort and collaboration of work you make to further widen and develop the friendship between the two countries.

In making opportunity of this occasion, I request you to extend Our friendly greetings to the great and honorable leader of Yugoslavia, Marshal Tito, and to reveal Our good desire that We have for the prosperity and welfare of Yugoslavia's people.


Making the invitation, sent from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for H.M. the King of Kings Haile Selassie I to visit England*, a foundation, having appointed His honor entourage to go to London, on Tuesday, October 5, 1954, at a quarter to eleven, they lifted off from Addis Ababa in the 'Eagle of Ethiopia' airplane. At five pm they arrived at the city called Wadihalfa found within the territory of Sudan. And at this time the Sudan government officials made a honor reception for Him, and they lodged in this city at the specially prepared governmental house. The speech revealing good wishes spoken at this time by the Prime Minister of Sudan, the Hon. Alsaid Isma'el Al'azhari, and the response given by His Majesty, are following.

A) The Hon. Alsaid Isma'el Al'azhari's speech

Your Majesty,

Being in the name of Sudan's government and my brethren, the natives of Sudan, when I present to You these my words of joy in saying Welcome to Your Majesty, my mindful prayer is that God keep you in peace for the road prepared for Your Majesty to go on, and that He return You to Your dear country Ethiopia.

Your Majesty,

On the basis of the words I mentioned above, being in the name of myself and my brethren of Sudan, when I present to Your Majesty these words, when I guess my fortune to be lofty, I won't discontinue my well wishes for the future for Your country Ethiopia.

Your Majesty,

I reveal in great deference to Your Majesty's unrivaled authority my belief that, Sudan's bonding of love for the future with its natives and with its neighboring country Ethiopia, on the basis of the newly given law, being a fine idea that is useful for our two countries, we are awaiting hopefully that its people will live in love and fine harmony.

Your Majesty,

The friendship of the peoples of Sudan and Ethiopia is conjoined from Antiquity. And the reason is, because they drink water from the same Nile, and because when they regard the Nile's water, they strictly realize the two countries' love is unforgotten and unforgettable; being in the name of myself and of Sudan, I desire long life for Your Majesty, and for our neighbour, Your country Ethiopia, full peace and good fortune, that she advance with progress in the civilization of the era.

B) The response given by HM the King of Kings

To the Hon Alsaid Isma'el Al'azhari, Prime Minister of Sudan;

As We begin Our journey to Europe, when We pass in this historical place for Us, Wadi Halfa, We thank you from the heart for the fine words of friendship Your Excellency revealed about Us and Our country.

We wish to reveal to you Our joy for the enjoyable reception that your honorable ministers sent to receive Us, and people of Wadi Halfa, made for Us. We reveal to you Our sharing in the desire you revealed, that the enduring friendship between our two countries continue being developed and structured.

Twelve years ago when We returned from England where We lived in exile, to restore Our country's freedom, because Wadi Halfa is where We first rested, and where We delineated Our war plans and organizations, it is a city that has great remembrance for Us.

  • [Translator's note: Ethiopians at the time, and still to a great degree, refer to the United Kingdom in Amharic as "Ingleez", even though this name comes from the word "English". This name can also mean England within the United Kingdom, however. Consequently, I have translated this name interchangeably as either "England" or "Britain", though no such distinction is made in the original.]


H.M. the King of Kings Haile Selassie I, on October 6, 1954, having lifted off from Wadi Halfa at 10 am in the special Honor airplane "Atlanta" sent for HIM by the British government, arrived at the island of Malta at 4 pm. And there the Governor, Sir Robert Laycock, and the Prime Minister, received HIM and they lodged in the governmental house called Antonina.

On October 7, 1954, after He spent the day visiting the regions and work areas of the island of Malta, the Governor made a great luncheon banquet for HIM at Ballita governmental house. And likewise on this day in the evening, the general commander of the British Mediterranean fleets, Admiral Lord Mountbatten, made a great banquet for HIM at his residence.

On October 8, 1954 in the morning, having arisen from the governmental house where He rested in guesthood, He embarked with His honour entourage on the British warship called "Gambia", and continued His journey toward London.

On Thursday, October 14, 1954 at 10:15 am He arrived at the port called Portsmouth, and as He stepped onto English soil, H.E. the Duke of Gloucester received HIM with great honour. And after the reception ceremony made at the dock was completed, He visited the city of Portsmouth, and when He was in the City Hall, the city mayor made the following speech about His Majesty's guesthood.

A) Speech of the Mayor of Portsmouth

Your Majesty is not a stranger to this city of ours. We recall that You stayed in this city Portsmouth during the wartime and shared with us the dangers and trials in those seasons.


H.M. the King of Kings Haile Selassie I, on October 14, 1954 at 1:00 embarked with His honour entourage on a special train and journeyed from Portsmouth to London. At 3:00 when they reached London at Victoria Station, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Britain and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh received HIM.

And after that, sitting with the Queen in a carriage of honor, they went to Buckingham Palace.

At 5:30 pm when they were located in St. James Palace, because the President of the London County Council and the Mayor of Westminster City made an explanatory reception speech to bid HIM welcome, He gave the following reply. And moreover He had an explanatory word of joy for Westminster given in writing.

A) The response given from His Majesty for the mayor's speech

Honoured President,
Honoured Mayor,

I feel great joy at My being able to come again and visit this country of our gratitude. When I visit your beautiful and historic country, in truth today is not My first journey. Behold, it is thirty years since I first visited England. The feeling that the glowing reception made for Me at that time gave Me, and twelve years later when I came to this country and passed on the streets of London having chosen exile to continue alone, without any help, the struggle I began in correct judgement and for Collective Security, the tribulation that arrived on My people having filled My heart with sadness, the feeling that the reception then gave Me was not less than the first feeling. When I passed on your historic streets at the time moral support and encouragement were necessary for us, the fine reception that the people of London made for Me had been an encouragement with great estimation for My sadness. In the five year struggle until the time when I could liberate My beloved country by the loyal support and sacrifice of Britain, the support you made for Me seeming hopeful at that time, I had had energy for My spirit to pursue seriously the unforeseen conditions.

The reception that the City of London made for Me 18 years ago in those days of tribulation, and the fine spirit of hospitality that you showed Me in My era of exile, has found a spot for you and your great city within Our uncooling love. And now because you showed Me doing more again in this fortunate circumstance than the fine reception I found in My time of trouble, I reveal to you My deep gratitude.

B) Exposition of joy given in writing to the Mayor of Westminster.

Honoured Mayor.

The fine reception made for Me from the people who were natives of this great city has touched My heart.

I shall always remember the fine reception of guesthood you made for Me in the times of trouble 18 years ago. No better witness will be found than the fine words you revealed for Us in your speech, for the cooperation and good intentions between us to make our enduring friendship close and developed.

Even though these historic buildings are unable to make their voice heard, they are what demonstrate the great glory and history that you had formerly and shall have in the future. And I have been very pleased at My being found within these buildings on this day, and at My being able to find these signs of friendship from you.

It is My hope that My visit to this friendly country will serve to further widen and develop the understanding between us.


On Thursday, October 14, 1954 at 8pm at the great dinner banquet made at Buckingham Palace in honour of H.M. the King of Kings, the words spoken by Her Majesty the Queen of Britain, and the response given by H.M. the King of Kings.

A) The speech from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Your Majesty,

Welcome to my capital city and my country. We receive the Emperor of an ancient Christian country with unlimited joy. Your ancient Christian country has relations with our Church and with other Christian countries. We receive You with joy, the King of Kings of the country that restored her freedom first. By Your Majesty's diligent leadership, since the war the people of Ethiopia have made amazing progress in civilization. I rejoice greatly in the work my country performed with Your partisans to restore Ethiopia's freedom. And in the wartime a deep friendship had been established between our two countries and our soldiers.

And it is the desire of my heart that this friendship continue in peacetime while it is strengthened and interconnected. And I believe it is Your Majesty's desire.

Your Majesty is not a stranger within this country. You had come at the time Your country was invaded. And during the days that You stay in England, I ask You to consider it like You were in Your country. My spouse and I feel deep sadness at our inability to receive Her Majesty the Queen here. We have hope that She will find complete health and visit us in the future.

We receive with joy Your Majesty's son H.E. the Duke of Harer. His Excellency knows this country. And we have been very pleased by our seeing him.

After Your Majesty finished Your official visit, because You will stay here a few days, I am very pleased. And within the few days You can see the lifestyle of the English while You tour our country. And I am certain that wherever You go a pleasing reception will be made for You. My people hasten to present their admiration filled with praise for the King of Kings who provided liberation for His country in wartime, and who provided prosperity, wealth and light for His country and His people in peacetime.

Your Majesty,

In the spirit of friendship whereby we flourish and in the goal of mutual thoughts whereby we prosper, I raise my chalice to Your Majesty's and Her Majesty's health, and for the Ethiopian people's prosperity and joy.

B) H.M. Haile Selassie I's speech

Your Majesty.

My heart has been deeply touched by the words filled with fine hospitality that Your Majesty spoke and by the feelings of generosity that you revealed for Myself. Even though it was a few hours ago that I set foot in this your beautiful country, the words Your Majesty spoke have become a reminder for Me of the regard made for Me before I left this country 14 years ago.

Today is not My first time when I come to Your Majesty's country. When I came to visit this country thirty years ago, he who received Me officially as soon as I arrived in this great city at that time was the Duke of York, but later it was your father, HM George VI. I shall always recall that the friendship reception the beloved king made for Me was united with his kingly character.

Within the past thirty years, what has remained comforting Me in the bitter long times of tribulation that had arrived on My country and in the era of exile that I Myself spent, is your royal household's fine regard and the friendship and hospitality of the English people. In the battle that I and My people made by ourselves without any help, the love of the British royal family and the British people alone was Our support. This friendship and loyalty has profited in our inextinguishable gratitude and friendship.

Your Majesty's support, and the loyalty of the British people that shed their children's blood with our children's blood on Ethiopian soil, has made the friendship and consideration between our two countries to exist preserved as a sacred trust.

And these are honour filled battles that Britain's heroes performed on the soil of their country, and moreover on the soil of Our country to restore Ethiopia's freedom.

Even though the historical era has produced alternately sadness and sacrifice, results and honour, it is a sufficient sign that the young queen, who was given grace that the last days be bright and greatly hopeful, is sitting on a quite lofty throne.

Her Majesty Itege is quite sad at Her inability to come here to be present here, by reason of Her health by an unfortunate occurrence, and She has begged Me to reveal this Her sadness to HM the Queen.

We raise Our chalice to the health of HM the Queen whom We regard in great respect and admiration.


H.M. the King of Kings Haile Selassie I on October 15, 1954 at 12:00 went to Guild Hall with his honour entourage. Following are the words H.M. the King of Kings spoke at the banquet that the Mayor of London made in His Majesty's honour at Guild Hall.

Honoured Mayor,

On this day when I come officially to visit England I have felt deep joy on account of the fine reception made for Me. In the era when I proceeded from My country, in those days of trouble when I stayed having found a fine reception from the English people, the deep feeling of friendship I have on account of this country will never be separated from My thoughts.

And Ethiopia has a long history that came being interconnected like Great Britain. In the era when your king Egbert reigned, the king who would rule Ethiopia and the 152nd king counting from Menelik I from Our dynasty, was Emperor Widim Asfare. And we, like you, have preserved the freedom we had from Antiquity defending in a spirit of jealousy. In noticing the method of living alone not benefiting, We caused Our country Ethiopia to become known little by little, and that her relations be opened to the world, and you Our British friends have served help for this.

Many foreign persons have visited Ethiopia. And some of them arising from their living in Ethiopia for much time, have been able to leave within the country a lofty and beneficial education. And even though British natives have not spent much time in Ethiopia, the fortune of introducing Ethiopia with the world has become theirs. And in this regard it seems none will be found who equal Bruce. It is evident that it is by the help of these travelers and writers, that it was possible for the foreigners and writers who came successively to Ethiopia at every time, to know that Bruce was the first, and moreover for Europeans and the western world, to know Ethiopia in a clearer manner. The names of Beck and Harris and lastly Plowden will live being known in Ethiopia's history.

Therefore it is possible to say that the modern treaty made with Europe, between Ethiopia and Great Britain, being found to be signed on November 15, 1941, is by protocol. And in truth the treaties and agreements that Ethiopia signed with Great Britain are more than with any other country.

While We thank most British writers and country visitors who helped us by revealing Ethiopia's access with the world being open, We are pleased to observe that beginning from that time, as the bonding of advantage between the two countries has come to grow, it is drawn closer in greater measure than ever until today.

And this drawing together has been seen magnified in the war alliance that the lofty victory produced, where Britain's heroes spilled blood to restore Ethiopia's freedom.

The relationship found between our two countries, without being established only on mutual benefit, is additionally on the admiration that Ethiopia's people lodged upon your political institutions that made unrivaled progress; you have given the world an unparalleled example by strengthening in order that political and religious freedom be firmly established and flourish. And when We set up Our King of Kings Government in modern circumstances, for the labour that was upon Us, the works performed by experts who were British natives and especially lawyers and judges, have left an unforgettable example upon Ethiopia's political and social institutions. Today, because We have made the English language a secondary educational language in the territory of Our Empire, lessons in it are given in all high schools.

Aside from this, it is because of the lofty function that the British people fulfilled in fostering its culture and spirit in an unrivaled manner, that the Ethiopian people gave the British Crown an estimation of reverence from long ago.

The King of Ethiopia, in the early 17th century, would correspond in writing with the King of England, James I. The bones of the Prince Alemayehu who died in England around the end of the last century, are found within the first of the tombs at Windsor. And today, in following the admiration We have for the British Crown, We have additionally sent Our Royal Family to England for education, in order that they increase their learning and knowledge; aside from this, I Myself came to this country 30 years ago to strengthen further the ties of assistance and mutual understanding now found to be fully expanded between the two countries.

The close connection with regard to benefit, itself proves that Great Britain held a crucial place in Ethiopia's business affairs and in other work. The greater part of Ethiopia's trade, that continues to grow at all times, exports to British territories. And it is possible to say that most of the functioning large trade offices are British.

Within the last years after the past war was completed, Ethiopia's economy being expanded more than expected, is found to guarantee what was said above. Ethiopia's trade currency has increased fourfold. The sitting finances of Our Government's bank have increased by two hundred thousand. According to the measure that the currency exchanges we have abroad have abounded, likewise the trade we have with foreign countries has become fourfold.

Because Ethiopia is found within a work era that was modern, the desire We had revealed at the time, that British capital and industry be participatory in this work progress for a loftier work sector than at any time to be fulfilled, is unchanged; and We hope now that it will be participatory.

When We regard the brotherly consideration between the two countries Churches, it quite comforts Us. By being a participant in the social program organized by the full World General Assembly of Churches, the Ethiopian Church has given her full assistance. So that the work due this great estimation to give might find fruit, thanks are due the English clergymen and especially the Archbishop of Canterbury for the labours they laboured in quite lofty Christian leadership.

You can count on Ethiopia being a true friend of the heart, mindful that company be found where it continues strengthening further the common benefit and basic thought that unites the two countries.

I raise My chalice to the health of the Mayor and Corporation of London.


The speech HM Emperor Haile Selassie I gave October 15, 1954, Friday evening at 8pm, at the great dinner banquet made in honour of HM Queen Elizabeth and HE the Duke of Edinburgh, at their Ethiopian Embassy in London.

Your Majesty.

Thirty years ago, at the time I first visited England, because it happened that Your Majesty the Queen was already chosen in God's mysterious thoughts, I had not found this lofty honour and fortune to entertain joyfully Your Majesty the Queen and your beloved consort like this evening.

50 years ago at the time My father H.E. Ras Makonnen had come to Great Britain to honour your great-grandfather's coronation, he had returned to his country having great admiration for your beloved country and your quite lofty people. And when I Myself visited this country 30 years ago, when at this time of My visit your great grandfather by My mediation caused Emperor Tewodros' crown to return to the Ethiopian Palace, it is counted as a main sign of evidence for the friendship of the heart that he had for the Ethiopian Palace and people.

And today when We are with Britain, because the transition of friendship and fine communication is Your Majesty, I am confident that in your era of reign, the two countries' politics and economy will continue to grow in a greater manner on the basis of mutual benefit.

Within the past thirty years since I visited England, many things have arrived that cast sadness upon the world. Sadness and tribulation have visited Our country and Our beloved people. However within this era, without being only sadness, great things holding a place of honour within history have been completed. And these are the glory filled battles that Britain's heroes performed on the soil of their country, and to restore Ethiopia's freedom, on the soil of Our country.

We remember with great joy the visit that H.E. the Duke of Gloucester made for Us coming to Addis Ababa to honour Our Coronation celebration.

Above the fortune that I found this evening to entertain the beloved and grace filled Queen with her consort H.E. the Duke of Edinburgh, as I mentioned earlier in My speech, My joy is great at My being able to entertain additionally the great persons of England who seized in their hands the fortune of this great and historic country, being under the leadership of Your Majesty and the Most High Jah, who made the quite lofty sacrifice and battle, in a manner that has great honour for the entire world's peace and freedom. Like all the others, the names of Sir Winston Churchill, who showed bravery and determination to defend correct justice and the whole world's freedom, and the honourable Mr. Anthony Eden, will live written in history being immortal.

Even though the historical era has produced alternately sadness and sacrifice, results and honour, it is a sufficient sign that the young queen, who was given grace that the last days be bright and greatly hopeful, is sitting on a quite lofty throne.

We raise Our chalice to the health of HM the Queen whom We regard in esteem and admiration.


On Monday, October 18, 1954, H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I went with His honour entourage before noon from London to Bath. And there the authorities of Bath made a full honour reception and a luncheon banquet for HM the King of Kings. The following are the words spoken at the banquet when the Mayor handed over the keys of the city to HIM.

A) The short Word that HM the King of Kings spoke when He received the keys to the city of Bath from the mayor:

I was able for My sadness with you. Thus it is from you that I found strength to lead My people toward a path of freedom and civilization.

B) Speech of the Mayor of Bath city, Mr Gallop.

H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, who since 1936 AD in the European Calendar became the first among our city's residents, has returned today to receive the honorary key of this city, and to enter within the list of great men who signed their skillful names on the record of this city in the past eras, and He has been found among us.

While we feel honour at HM the Emperor of Ethiopia coming immediately to Bath after He officially finished His visit progam as our Queen's Guest of Honour, thus we have been pleased by His again visiting among us today.

Thus we have felt sadness at our hearing of Her Majesty remaining unable to come again to Her home. While we present our greetings to HM Itege, we wish for Her that She soon find full health for the future. Our minds did not erase the long term calm, patience and grace that HM the King of Kings showed during the time of exile He spent in this city.

We had felt great joy on the day when HM the King of Kings - who was the first among those upon whom harm arrived in an invasion of aggression - entered toward His coronation city in triumph. From His Palace, HM the King of Kings on this day has spoken a speech for His people where foundational and true words were found.

Beginning from that time, I saved a copy of the speech His Majesty made at that time, and it is found with me. I trust that Your Majesty might allow me to quote the last paragraph within this speech of Yours.

And this quote is the word of advice HM the King of Kings gave to His people when He said: "Do not return an evil loan for evil work; do not desire to fulfill works of cruelty."


H.M. the King of Kings on Wednesday, October 20, 1954 after noon received a Doctorate degree from Oxford University.

And at this time, wearing clothes of the rank of Doctor of Civil Law, as soon as He sat in the place of honour prepared in the Sheldonian (Chalcedonians'*) Hall, the University President and Chairman made a speech in the Latin language, and putting the diploma writings in a little folder, gave it to His Majesty. And the speeches made at that time are the following.

A) Speech of the University President.

Your Majesty.

It is with great honour that I receive Your Majesty, who is birthed from the royal lineage that came continuously beginning from Antiquity, whose skills in war and in peace time are known, who inherited King Solomon's cultures of wisdom and valor. When I behold today the many changing things that arrived by Your fortune prior to now, I remember in return the situation 18 years ago when an invasion of aggression arrived upon Your country.

At that time the diplomatic struggle You made being found Your Self at Geneva, to defend Your country, and that the League of Nations unite to help Your country, had moved the spirit of the peoples of the whole world.

In that hour and within Your speech You had said "So that I work whatever work was necessary, My people will not interrupt fighting until the invader enemy leaves the country, or until My people itself was exterminated;" and after this the bitter exile time continued; however after 5 years, the word of determination You spoke earlier was fulfilled, and Your Majesty returned to Your capital city in triumph. Apart from the struggle Your Majesty made for freedom, You established a Constitution and a Parliament for Your country Ethiopia.

Likewise You set up a University college named in Your Name. This good deed of Yours has been given a lofty estimation with us at Oxford.

And above this You have fulfilled many practices to develop your country's wealth for the fine lifestyle of Your people. And in the era of exile and at the time when Your country had fallen for the time beneath an enemy power, our country had found a new source of pride to accept Your Majesty in joy. And today when the fine time of light returns, when we feel pride in receiving Your Majesty in lofty honour by the possible measure, we moreover in one part, remember in our hearts filled with sincere gratitude, Your Majesty's friendship.

May God give long life to Your Majesty and to HM Itege; may Your Majesty's household prosper for You, and may the blessing of God reach Your people in peace and prosperity.

B) H.M. the King of Kings' speech.

Your honour,

I consider with great honour the rank of legal expert that I received today from Oxford University New College.

It is not necessary to speak detailing that the lofty help this great University made is unrivaled in sending forth growth of knowledge and political leaders for the people of England.

These buildings witness to its being what gives the greatest value of all for the growth of knowledge and spiritual learning for the people of England, and for the firm faith it has in this regard; while this college is one of the ancient ones found at Oxford, its being called a new college at that time is what honours it linking with ancient custom that came transferred from generation to generation.

It is known that this country's ability to reach the level where it is now as a leader for the Christian religion and freedom, is its being on the level and on the enduring relic of education ever since many eras in this Oxford and schools that resembled Oxford.

A great similarity is found between Ethiopia and Oxford in keeping the ancient custom that was a foundation of depth; Ethiopia is a country that lived continually keeping the foundation of freedom and the Christian faith. Twenty years ago at the time it was made that Ethiopia resist the aggressive invader alone, what was a strength and example for the battle she performed, is what is found written in Herodotus' history, the work Ethiopia's king over 2000 years ago worked against the powerful king called Cambyses; it is beginning from the fourth century that we lived keeping our faith in Christ while defending for the Christian religion.

In the era where we are, the condition of the time where we are obliges each of us and all to defend and preserve the lofty thought we held making a basis for our livelihood; however because the era where we are now is quickly changing, we have to step according to the situation and necessity of the time; yet the observation has been created that it is impossible to live while we were guided only by basic thoughts. But I am not one who agrees with this observation. A clear history has not been found so far that will be the scales of judgement for mankind for the reasons that were cause for the wars and battles made in the past several centuries. But for the wars made upon the present generation, and for the tribulations that arrived upon it, it has been known what the reasons were. And likewise, all works of aggression worked in illegality in Our era have received their punishment within a short time. But no history was found proving all this being fulfilled in the past times.**

  • [Translator's Note: The Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford was built in the 1660s under the auspices of Archbishop Gilbert Sheldon and named for him. "Chalcedonians" refers to most European Christians who are under the Council of Chalcedon, but is not apparently connected with "Sheldonian" and may have been inserted by the Amharic scribe here as an inside joke?]
  • [Translator's Note 2: Unfortunately, the pages containing the rest of section 435, and sections 436 through 440, seem to have been omitted mistakenly by the uploaders at My translation thus resumes with entry 441, dated October 25, 1954.]


H.M. the King of Kings was found at the reception banquet that the England and Ethiopia League made from 6 to 8 pm in honour of H.M. the King of Kings on Monday, October 25, 1954. And following is the reply given from His Majesty at the banquet for the words spoken by the League President.

Your honour,

Members of the England and Ethiopia League,

I have been quite pleased because I found opportunity to meet, at the time I came here, with the England and Ethiopia League members.

It is evident that this League, that was established at the time when a shadow of sadness had covered My country, lived working in loyalty and friendship for Me and for My country, beginning from that hour until now, in the past evil and now in the good days. As you correctly explained in your speech, this meeting today is what can be called in truth a friendship meeting. By My being able to find the members of this League, who revealed the fine regard they have for My country to be proven, it has given great strength to the fine feeling that lodged in Me every day since I came here. I quite thank you the League President and the members in full for the invitation you made for Me to be found among you today, and because you blessed Me with this historical writing that you preserved in awaiting the proper time to give it. No better time than the present one you chose can be found to offer a gift that resembled this. And this remembrance of yours will live holding its honoured place.

I present you gratitude from the heart because of your fine gift, and, as you explained in your speech, for the friendship that the England and Ethiopia League showed for a long time, and for the pleasing reception you made for Me.


H.M. the King of Kings being found at the dinner banquet that the British Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Anthony Eden made October 26, 1954 in honour of HM the King of Kings, after the Foreign Affairs minister made his speech, following are the words spoken from His Majesty:

Sir Anthony Eden,

I have been quite pleased by the banquet that the honoured Foreign Affairs Minister made for Me, you whose name is linked in history with the basic thought of Collective Security, the business whereon I My Self have struggled and passed through many trials.

It is twenty years before today since when you received the Ministership for League of Nations Affairs that you began to work your great work. By your accepting this work, being totally supportive of the lofty concept of Collective Security, in all those historic and troublesome eras that encounterd you to the end, they did not diminish your faithfulness for the trust cast upon you.

Ethiopia shall always remember with gratitude, that you helped us make the League of Nations delineate a social oppression for the first time in history, and the leadership that you showed.

Even though various obstacles and troubles encounter you on the fulfillment of the basic concept of Collective Security, the history of those eras shall witness for you, your being found firmly faithful for these leading ideas.

I believe that it is possible for the truthfulness of that basic concept to be revealed, a crucial one fulfilled in our country by both your and My leadership.

I raise My chalice to the fine fulfillment found in this regard and to the quite lofty concept, for the firmness of both countries friendship bound in a common battle.


The following is the speech HM King of Kings Haile Selassie I made October 27, 1954 at London being seen on the BBC radio network on television.

Having returned to England in joy by Jah's charity, We have been pleased by Our being able to make a speech for you today from London, the capital city of Our friend Great Britain.

It is known among all of you that the relationship of friendship between Britain and Ethiopia is lasting from antiquity. And this friendship has shown its being what stood tested, not only in eras of happiness, but in eras of tribulation, on a tight foundation.

19 years ago, at the time the aggressive enemy invaded Our country, We determined to present Our country's protest to the League of Nations, and to continue Ethiopia's struggle, when We left Our dear country, to spend Our era of exile in this country.

And We have revealed to you before this, that in that era of tribulation England's people would strive to make Us firm by all possible for Us. At the time the enemy who invaded Ethiopia in aggression, by continuing its work of aggression, became our common enemy, the work that the King of Kings' government fulfilled by uniting with the British government, without only being in the history of the two countries, will also be found taking its lofty place in the history of the world.

And today, at the present time when We are found in this country as a guest of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the English people have clearly shown their love for Us and Our people in glowing admiration.

Everywhere We went, the people together, without distinguishing adult, child, master or poor, has revealed its joy and love to Us. And because We know that this reception of honour and friendship made for Us, is additionally made for Our beloved people, We are certain that the whole Ehiopian people will be partakers of Our joy.

We are pleased when We reveal to you the hope We have that the visit We make now, will firm up in a greater manner the ancient friendship between the two countries, that the relationship will widen, with regard to widening economies and education.


HM the King of Kings Haile Selassie I on October 27, 1954, Wednesday after noon visited the British Officers Club who campaigned together with Ethiopia's partisans in the past world war. And the following is the word He spoke at the banquet that the assembly made in honour of His Majesty.

By My being able to meet again after many years the members of the British army who helped in the war made to restore Ethiopia's freedom, My joy is special.

Of the practices of union and unity that the covenant allies fulfilled in the past world war, it doesn't seem to Me that there are campaigns fulfilled in harmony and in a warm spirit like that done in Ethiopia. Our army that would work fastening its power together, within a short time expelled the enemy from East Africa, and was able to open the gateway whereby the necessary soldiers and weapons were transported for the war made in North Africa.

The lofty deeds that you fulfilled will live forever in Ethiopia's history, imprinted by the friendship of Britain and Ethiopia.

I raise My chalice to the honour of the officers who are in life, and those who fell on the battle field; and likewise to the ancient friendship between the two countries.


Because HM King of Kings Haile Selassie I completed His visiting England, on Wednesday October 27, 1954 at 8 pm, joining His honour entourage, embarking on a train at Victoria Station London, He traveled to Dover. When He reached Dover, transferring from the train to a ship and crossing the sea in the night, He continued His journey toward Paris on a special train. On Thursday October 28, 1954 at 11:00 He arrived at the city of Paris at the train station called de Boulogne. And at the station, the President of the French Republic M. René Coty, and the Prime Minister M. Mendès France, received Him in great honour; being with the President in an open automobile and passing amidst the parade, He entered Elysée Palace. On the evening of this day, the President made a great dinner banquet in Elysée Palace in honour of HM the King of Kings. And following is the word that the President spoke at the banquet, and the reply given from His Majesty.

A) The speech of the President M. René Coty

Your Majesty,

This visitation of Your Majesty is our honour for us today in being a witness to remember the time that connected both of our countries in friendship from a time more than one generation ago.

At the time when Emperor Menelik, who was before Your Majesty, would work a road for his country's progress, at the time when he would establish a path of diplomacy and a modern army, and likewise when he established schools and when he had railway lines built, it was our country's offspring whom he considered many times to work cooperating for this lofty work. Because the first French special envoy and minister with full authority, M. Léonce Lagarde, was the first among Your Majesty's friends, in 1924 at the time when You first visited Elysée Palace, because You openly honoured the above mentioned envoys, it is proper for us to remember it in joy. And when we raise these memories, it is with pride.

The intertwined friendship between our two countries beginning from the time of Your Majesty's second grandfather and king Louis Philippe, has been found being a sign of trust. And above the common victory, whereon we laboured because of common conviction and to find freedom over the enemy's power, again conjoining our friendship further, in the second world war and in the past years our friendship has become strengthened.

It is not what the world will ever forget for Your Majesty and Your people being opponents in determination to resist the invader. At the time Your Majesty in 1941 AD being the Leader of Your soldiers, began war on Omedla mountain in Gojjam, I remember that You were determined to enter Your capital city in triumph. I beg that Your Majesty allow me to remember the battle that the Free French soldiers made alongside Keren and Kobkob and the other soldiers to help the peaceful ally found in the morrow.

And within the present peacetime, it has become possible that our friend who was a neighbour be guaranteed an establishment in the border area made by sharing from division. Because Your beloved Majesty's goodly work established a French and Ethiopian lysée, without a doubt it has become possible that proof of Your amazingness be known by all French.

Your Majesty, this visit You made by Your accord, above being a witness for our friendship, it is what we accord as more dear for the present fruitful hope. I will reveal the desire I have to work a girls' school lysée within a near time with Your Majesty's assistance. It is enough to mention for some proof, the Instituit Pasteur found established in Addis Ababa by Your Majesty's request that was presented to spread in a scientific regard within Your country. At the time the direction of archeological work, by Your Majesty's accord, was given to French experts, soon the result of the work has been able to reveal what it was. France and Ethiopia's main establishment of a sign of friendship, and above maturing Your Majesty's and Your people's history of valor, is a lofty witness for the foundation of our common Christianity and for the growth of our civilisation.

The benefits that connect our territory Djibouti and Your country is what helps to develop our wisdom. The Franco Ethiopian railroad that held a faithful appearance, has continued to multiply the strength of our politics and our economies. It is both our countries for whom is is due to work uniting on the entire ground of Africa, and to make succeed what is for the pleasure of the world of tomorrow, whether or not it be for every existing party. We have agreed in one word that Your Majesty estimates it to be a guarantee and a living sign guaranteed for this politics and friendship.

When I raise my chalice for Your Majesty's honour and likewise in wishing for Her Majesty Itege's health, and likewise for the health of HE Makonnen, Duke of Harer, when I reveal to Your Majesty that the praise I present Your Majesty in the name of the French Union and Republic, is from the heart, I am likewise wishing fine health for Your people in full and for Your royal house hold.

B) H.M. the King of Kings' speech.

Honorable President,

Honorable Madam Present,

Honorable officials,

Because I am pleased by the deep words that the honorable President presented to Me, I thank you. And because this word is revealing our two countries being intertwined in friendship, I accept it making like unto a crucial witness. Today France is found holding a pillar of history that was special in the Middle East and especially in Ethiopia. As it were that it be said, "Your wisdom and national custom and your tradition are found in Ethiopia as not forsaking their foundation", and all like there is in other European countries too, Ethiopia is also the first great country of the Christian countries found within the Middle Eastern region. And this is a great country that seized and yoked any Christian culture and likewise the custom and tradition. All like unto Your Honour mentioned now on his accord, the agreement made in 1843 between my great-grandfather and Louis Philippe, amongst the modern communications of governments, the agreement Ethiopia made with this great country is her first time. And this lengthy custom and tradition of friendship and communication, since eras counted in the hundreds, has become the crucial reason to endear Ethiopia's people with the people of this great country.

Of the Europeans found within Ethiopia as diplomatic envoys during the 19th century, there was never anyone who rivaled the quite renowned and well known diplomatic representative of the French Government, M. Lagarde. While he served to preserve his country's rights, he likewise knew to preserve Ethiopia's rights. And it is starting then that the wisdom and fame of France went spreading in Ethiopia for this to be known.

And while this deep communication and measure of cooperation has transitioned from year to year, and especially for the effort made to work uniting because of wisdom, it has become what is given a crucial estimation for the economy and for all the other matters that Your Honour mentioned resembling this. Thus moreover, the work of cooperation presents special rejoicing, by showing that it continues to spread.

According to the measure that the civilization France showed in the whole world, elevated her name - she who has faithfulness for her quite lofty custom and tradition, and likewise for the crucial thought of her service of wisdom - she does not interrupt from rejoicing in the work she showed in Ethiopia also.

While the basis of friendship that was ancient being longstanding, is found imprinted in the blood of your heroes who fell on Ethiopia's fields, according to the measure that this blood that was shed was for the reason of defending Collective Security, it is only this that can preserve world peace.

I raise My chalice now for the health of the honourable President and your honoured spouse, and moreover the great people of France who are Ethiopia's friend.


The words HM Emperor Haile Selassie I spoke on October 29, 1954, in the evening at the banquet made at His Ethiopian Embassy in Paris in honour of the honourable President of the French Republic.

Honourable President,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Exactly fifty two years ago, Our beloved father had come to Paris as the first envoy of the Ethiopian Palace. And after he returned holding fine feelings, We too had preserved pleasing reminders of this journey of his. Exactly thirty years ago moreover, We Ourselves came to France as the guest of President Millerand; and We wish to believe that this visit has served to further strengthen the pleasant relations that firmly remained between the two countries since many years.

After six years, at the time when Our Coronation Ceremony was fulfilled, France, it being her fine accord, had sent the renowned Marshal Franchet d'Espèrey.

Therefore this visit We make today, apart from being a new testimony that reveals the loftiness of relations that remained firm between Ethiopia and France, is a new proof of France's renowned skill of hospitality.

And by this reason, after the fine reception of friendship made for Us, on Our part moreover We feel special joy when We receive the President of the great French Republic in guesthood on the Ethiopian land found in the city of Paris, to be a special demonstration for the unity of benefit and thought that binds us.

We raise Our chalice to the health of the honourable President of the French Republic, and to the development and welfare of this friendly great country.


On the evening of October 30, 1954, at the dinner banquet that the Foreign Affairs Minister of the French Government made in honour of HM the King of Kings within the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the response given from his Majesty after the Minister made a speech.

Honoured Minister, ladies and gentlemen;

The era when diplomatic relations began to be extended between Ethiopia and France is found quite distant within history. Already at the opening of the fifteenth century, the Ethiopian king Yesehaq I had correspondence in writing with the King of France, Charles VI. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Ethiopia, like China and Japan, had followed a politics of isolation. Even so, the first treaty that Ethiopia signed with a European country was the one promulgated in Louis Philippe's reign in 1843. Beginning from this time, France has not interrupted the honour she has in Ethiopia from continuing to grow. There was not even one who desires to compete with the French diplomatic representative M. Lagarde, who was renowned in his fame amongst the diplomatic representatives of the European Governments that had been represented with Ethiopia. This man, having made working for his country's benefit a basis, had also known to work for Ethiopia's benefit too.

During the first years of the century where we are now, the Klobukowski Agreement signed with France was a crucial foundation in all the treaties signed between Ethiopia and the other foreign governments before the last world war. Apart from this, at the end of the Second World War, We remember that it was at the peace conference made at Paris, that the matters that would be seen as quite lofty for Ethiopia, reached fulfillment.

Therefore what is found binding the two countries, are the cultures and memories within the long time of contact of over four hundred years. Just as it arrives among all the countries within the world, some troublesome matters did not remain without encountering the history of our relationship. However these matters have continually been able to be fulfilled in a way where the benefit of both countries is not wronged.

We raise Our chalice, that these relations established between the two countries bound together in friendship, continue to grow.