H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, on January 11, 1955, arising from Addis Ababa at 1 pm, being found at the Haile Selassie I Military School found at Holeta on the 44th kilometer, He gave certificates for 65 cadet officers who passed the 15 course examination. And the cadet officers, being found at study within the school hall under supervision of their English teacher, Mr. Abate Mengistu, showed, by being interviewer and interviewee, writing and speaking in the English language in a pleasing manner.

The hall's indoor program was completed at 1:45, and at a neighbourhood called Tulu Korma, in the vicinity of Berga, found 17 kilometers distant from Holeta, He sat in an exalted spot to observe the practice battle of war tactics prepared in offensive and defensive war.

After He observed the battle practice made by cannon and heavy mortar, by heavy and light tanks, at 3:00 in that neighbourhood, a luncheon banquet occurred in the prepared spot. After the banquet at 4:00 where HM the King of Kings was found amidst the 65 cadet officers, the following is the word spoken by the school commander, Lt. Colonel Yilma Shibeshi, and the directive word given from His Majesty.

A) Speech of Lt. Colonel Yilma Shibeshi.

HM the King of Kings,

Before this competition was started, by Your Majesty's fine accord, from within the war army's lower officials; on the basis that it was accorded for a 72 cadet competition to continue, from captain to brigade, from brigade to division, and likewise amidst holders of other ranks within various parts, one general test being made, for the first time, by 48 holders of other ranks passing the prepared test at that time, coming again to military school, a selection competition being made for 3 months, within 148 lower officials, the 96 passing their selection test, by continuing their education, within those who formationed to find this fortune of today, when the one halfway through the competition became ill and was separated by death from this world, those who remained, behold, have approached before Your Majesty's Throne.

HM the King of Kings.

Even though the education time proper for this kind of competition be two years, because it happened that the competitors remained within the army for 12 years and were previously trained in most military education, the present competition being made to work including evening lessons, today it has been completed in nine months.

And the study and diligence of work that the cadet officers made to find the first officer rank within Your Majesty's Army, has produced lofty results.

HM the King of Kings.

And these cadet officers who proceed today having graduated by Your Majesty's fine accord, without being new to the King of King's Army, by their being standing members, it is believed that they will serve renewing their loyalty.

B) The guiding word spoken by HM the King of Kings.

When We see you maturing in education We are very pleased. It has particularly pleased Us, being found amongst you on this day today, by Our hearing when you demonstrate your thoughts in the one foreign language from the lessons you learned. Knowing languages is not a new thing in our country. That we were able to find the books that are useful and a witness for the Christian religion, is by our fathers who were preceding this, while they go abroad, strengthening, persevering and learning; and arising from their translating from language to language. But in a later era this went on to be interrupted and restricted. And you know the reason; and that divisions came is arising from this.

As We heard it when you spoke previously, you have reminded that the English language is your second language. Therefore knowing many languages is very useful. Particularly upon attack sometimes unfortunately because being captured can also happen, at that time language will be the best tool and power that can serve. We have revealed for you it being to know the one foreign language from much study. It is not enough to know only a foreign language. It also benefits to carefully know the country's language.

Saying "I am Ethiopian" and not knowing Amharic, is a shameful thing somewhat like saying "I have no country, I don't know my mother and father." Although it is possible previously to know clearly the country's language, knowing Ge'ez additionally is very useful. Therefore you know Our preferring the youths who know this earlier language from school. But now when We see you seriously studying like this, We are pleased. And it brings praise to your fathers. And apart from that, what We said in a proclamation "He who does not help his child to enter school is an antagonist" is because of this. And masculinity is found from education; a learned person will read history. It is from heroism that history is found. History remembers the heroic person. It enhances reputation for him. Knowing various languages and finding deep learning beautifies one's demise. And it delivers to a level of honour. It saves from being ungrateful. It enables to know a taste of discipline. And in the end, to the promise where we are going, to our Creator, the approach ladder is to know and study learning.

Cowardice, above one's passing having deposited for one's seed a name that is not saved, is also what stigmatizes one in a bad history for oneself as an incurable leprosy and dead.

Today We have been pleased by the progress that you have shown and We have observed. It strengthens Our hope for the plans We worked for Our country's affairs in Our bringing teachers. If this certificate We gave you is seen for you resembling the present joy, it is upon you to take care lest you remain without working upon it and a later sickness happen upon you.

If you work upon this certificate We gave you, it is what will increase growth upon growth for you. Do not regard the present joy. If you are found serving the covenant you entered in your whole hearts, your country, and Us in honesty and perseverance, in loyalty, this certificate will be what witnesses for you. But if you remain without doing this, do not forget it's being what will witness against you. Let continually striving for higher education be your crucial duty.

We thank the officers who persevered and helped to teach. And We especially thank you.


What the Belgian government's special envoy and minister plenipotentiary, the hon. M. Pierre Royerche (?) spoke when he presented his letter of appointment at Genete Leul Palace on January 12, 1955 at 11:00 standing before HM the King of Kings, and the response given from His Majesty.

A ) Speech of the hon. minister:

Your Majesty,

When I present my letter of appointment that was given to me to be special envoy and minister plenipotentiary of HM the king of Belgium alongside Your Majesty the King of Kings, the joy I feel from my whole heart is what passed beyond measure.

Because two years ago I had come to Ethiopia for my private business, I have studied beforehand the fame of this wide and beloved country that came being inherited beginning from many thousands of years ago. Therefore it has been known that the works Your beloved Majesty led within African land that she be found face to face with the countries advanced in civilisation in the present time, are a beacon. And my heart has been touched by reception from the heart and of love that Ethiopians made for me by their fine accord by reason of the work that connected me with them, at the time I was there. And by these many rapprochements that we made, it has enabled me to lift up Belgium and her native peoples. Within the generations that we held in this, both our countries have made a similar struggle when they meant to save their freedom. And at the time they were invaded, there was none who doubt their resisting strongly.

At the time when I make this my new work succeed, HM the King has entrusted me lest I ever neglect to work by what was possible for me, in the practice whereby they go further strengthening Belgium and Ethiopia. I likewise request Your Majesty to open the message HM the beloved king sent me that I reveal the fine desire he has for Your Majesty's complete health, and for the development of Ethiopia and her people.

B) Speech of HM the King of Kings:

Honorable minister;

We are pleased when We accept from your hand, the letter whereby you were appointed special envoy and minister plenipotentiary of HM King of the Belgians, alongside Our Imperial Palace.

When we receive you in joy in your new work whereby you were appointed alongside Our Palace, We reveal to you that it is a matter We consider always, that the work whereby you were sent be straightened up for you. We wish to guarantee to you that Our ministers and also Our people are not ones who will decrease their help for you, in the effort they make to further extend and strengthen the connection of fine friendship and the feeling of intercommunication that existed between both countries since long ago. It is known that your living in Ethiopia previously, and also your knowing Our people, will help you greatly to strengthen the relations of both countries.

While We present Our thanks for the words of greeting and fine desire that you revealed in the name of HM King of the Belgians, We ask your excellency to reveal for HM King Baudoin Our friendship greeting, the fine desire We have for the development and welfare of Belgium's people.


What the Republic of India government's special envoy and minister plenipotentiary, the hon. Sardar Naranjan Sinada Jil spoke when he presented his letter of appointment at Genete Leul Palace on January 21, 1955 at 11:00 standing before HM the King of Kings, and the response given from His Majesty.

A ) Speech of the hon. minister:

Your Majesty,

I feel great joy and pride when I present to Your Majesty my letter of appointment today, being chosen to be ambassador of my country alongside the Ethiopian Imperial government. In making this an occasion, the honoured President of the government of the Republic of India has commanded me to present to Your Majesty the lofty estimation and firm friendship, heartfelt greetings and fine desire that his government and he have.

And especially aside from this, on the basis that the Prime Minister of India Sri Jawaharlal Nehru on his part commanded me to extend the fine desire that he has to Your Majesty, I present with great joy along with this hope I have on my part for Your Majesty, for Your heroic people, and for the prosperity and fine livelihood of Your ancient country. Even if I remain without the fortune encountering me to have previous direct connection with this Your ancient country (or if I remain without recently examining it), no one will mistake it if I say it is by the leadership and motivation of Your Majesty's understanding that it fulfilled historical skills of valour in the past few years.

Between our two countries many similar things are found in each. More than their being proud countries that inherited each of their own ancient wisdom and civilisations, and likewise who desire the fine accord, peace and patience of all the other countries of the world, they are who determined and who require, to mature in economic and social (communal living) aspects.

Within the time of years that I waited having found the lofty fortune to be representative ambassador of my country within Your country, according to the measure that it is my practice whereon I struggle over all, to make the fine relations that endured until today in various conditions between India and Ethiopia, to continue expanding, when I leave having reached fulfillment for the work I now seized, I shall consider it that all my labour found a reward, that it was included for me in strengthening the relations that were between us until today.

In making and keeping this aspiration, I feel a lofty honour when I give in Your Majesty's hand, the letter whereby the ambassador preceding me was recalled - who remained without it being convenient for him to give presenting it himself - and the letter of appointment given to me from the president of the government of India.

</small>B ) Speech of HM the King of Kings:</small>

Honorable ambassador,

When We receive you in Our Imperial Palace as ambassador for India, who has quite a close friendship with Ethiopia since many eras ago, it is while We are quite pleased. And likewise when We receive the letter whereby the honorable ambassador before you was recalled, We wish to reveal that the estimation We had for him was quite lofty, and that he was found being a proper representative of our friend, the great people of India.

Without being only upon the similar history and customs that they share, that the two countries friendship is founded, it is additionally upon the conflict and sacrifice that they made especially for the quite lofty basic things.

In the grave war that was made to restore Ethiopia's freedom, the brave soldiers of India's war army who spent their lives will not be forgotten, be it at any time, whether alongside Us or Our people.

From those days when works of heroism were fulfilled, onward, the measure of the unity and cooperation between Ethiopia and India being heartfelt, and of its depth, has been seen in the United Nations assembly and in all other places. And We make hope that this unity and cooperation will continue to expand in a greater manner in the future.

Therefore you can be assured that Our help and fine observation will not be diminished on you in all the effort your excellency makes to develop the friendship between the two countries.

We request you to present Our thanks for the greetings that the Hon. President of India and the hon. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru sent to Us, and that you reveal for Us on Our part, the deep respect and friendship We have for them.


What the Federal Republic of Switzerland government's special envoy and minister plenipotentiary, the hon. M. Andre Boissier (?) spoke when he presented his letter of appointment at Genete Leul Palace on January 26, 1955 at 11:00 standing before HM the King of Kings, and the response given from His Majesty.

A ) Speech of the hon. minister:

Your Majesty,

It is a lofty sign of honour for me when the Federal Parliament of Switzerland appoints me as minister plenipotentiary and special envoy alongside Your Majesty.

The friendship and estimation of the heart that endured between Ethiopia and Switzerland since long ago can find lofty honour pleasingly and surpassingly in the official visit Your Majesty made recently.

The victory reception that the Swiss people made for you in every place has been a witness for the valour and admiration that Your Majesty made, likewise for the thought You have about freedom and true justice. And on this thought, the Swiss people are bound by this similar desire.

Above the conflict Your Majesty heroically made in the time of enemies proving the example for the world, it is known to be by the soul and firmness in religion of one people that this sacred freedom could be found. In being faithful for the Christian history that was our common inheritance, that has over one thousand years, the people of my country present thanks to Your Majesty in Your being a friend of the profound method You have to elevate Your country toward a modern civilisation, and of progress.

At the time Your Majesty visited the country of Switzerland, more than Your observing some technical, scientific, pedagogic and cultural schools, likewise by visiting medicine distillers and the benefit industrial buildings give, Your Majesty has indicated this path, that it be grounded upon common heartfelt faith to work together in this regard.

And the funds that both countries expend to make this succeed, shall be an instrument of success, tightly and properly gathered at any time. And the work of cooperation that has this desire will enable them on the part of both to remember the stories of relationship that are many reminders. Beginning from the 19th century, the people and linguists of Switzerland have been known in the examinations they made on the Amharic language and the geography and history of Ethiopia.

Beginning from the past time, at the time when it would be admired in Europe, before my countrymen established economic and intellectual connections upon this amazing land; the written books have been able within Switzerland to acquaint them with Ethiopia. Now moreover in the recent 19th century, the one called Alfred Ilg, having found honour to find employments in Ethiopia, he had found the additional fortune to introduce the two countries with one another. And today the small Swiss community, that has a desire to go higher forward, has been pleased by the generosity and hospitality done for it from within the territory of Ethiopia. O Your Majesty, I believe that all these memories, works and hopes will help me for my work that I accomplish for this in full conscience; at the time when I accomplish my work, when I reveal my being one who will not neglect the labour I have that the relations between Ethiopia and the Swiss Confederation continue to expand, and likewise when I request Your Government and Your Majesty that lofty confidence and help be done for me, I daresay it is what pleases You.

Apart from the honour I feel when I present the letter whereby the M. Henri Bete de Ficheur (?) who was before me was recalled, and likewise the letter of appointment whereby I was appointed, I am likewise pleased when I reveal that I was commanded to present the fine desire of the Federal Parliament for Your Majesty and for Your Royal Household, prosperity for the width of the country and the people of Ethiopia.

B ) Speech of HM the King of Kings:

Honorable minister,

I am pleased when I accept you as special envoy and minister plenipotentiary alongside Our Imperial Palace.

The Swiss people can take pride in its being admired and beloved by the whole world. By the relationship we have with your country, known in beauty, being established on conferring in a deep friendship, true friendship can exist between Ethiopia and Switzerland.

And by these feelings of friendship and conferring, being established on the basic things and outlooks that are proper for humankind to be led by, they have been undeniable witnesses for the two countries' history being similar. By the common benefit and friendship between Ethiopia and Switzerland being a similarity of basic thoughts that always expands, as you revealed within your speech, it is arising from many eras ago that this conferring began. And Our hope is great that this basis of friendship and unity will continue to grow at all times. The friendship between us has been revealed on the visit We made in this spirit, going to your beautiful county recently now.

When We accept the letter whereby he before you was recalled, and you, in Our palace in joy, We wish to guarantee to you that, in the effort you make to fulfill your lofty messages, and to the strengthen fine relations between the two friendly peoples, We shall never diminish Our help and Our fine observation.


What the Republic of Czechoslovakia government's special envoy and minister plenipotentiary spoke when he presented his letter of appointment at Genete Leul Palace on January 26, 1955 at 11:00 standing before HM the King of Kings, and the response given from His Majesty.

A ) Speech of the hon. minister:

Your Majesty,

It is a very lofty honour for me when I present Your Majesty the letter of honour whereby I was appointed as minister plenipotentiary and special envoy alongside Your Majesty from the President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, M. Antonín Zápotocký.

By my being chosen to be the envoy of my country alongside Your Majesty, it is my private work to make the enduring relations between our two countries to be preserved and expanded. Just as I work for Czechoslovakia, likewise I shall never neglect the labour I do to achieve the goals that seem for me to be for Ethiopia's benefit.

The people of Czechoslovakia have followed with a lofty estimation, the conflict that Ethiopia's people made in heroism and amazing conditions, to save its freedom. The Republic of Czechoslovakia likewise on its part made a strict rule in opposing the invader without only condemning the invader.

It is upon Your Majesty and Your Government that I cast my confidence for the help done for me at the time when I accomplish my work.

In revealing the desire I have for Ethiopia's prosperity and fine fortune, I feel honour when I present into Your Hand, the letter whereby I was appointed.

B ) Speech of HM the King of Kings:

Honorable minister,

I am pleased when I accept from your hand, the letter whereby you were appointed from the President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, as special envoy and minister plenipotentiary of the government of Czechoslovakia alongside Our Imperial Palace.

You have revealed within your clear speech that you made now, that the feeling of lofty conferring was the basis for the fine relations between the two countries since long ago.

In the opinion you revealed when you said, the relations between Ethiopia and Czechoslovakia continuing to grow are a common benefit for both peoples, we on our part are fully partakers of your thoughts.

Therefore you can be confident that Our continual assistance and fine observation will not be diminished on you, in all the effort you make to further expand and strengthen these relations, and likewise, that you will find unity of friendship on the parts of Our Government and Our people.

We request you to extend for Us Our greetings to the honored President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, and likewise, to reveal for Us the fine desire We have for the development and welfare of Czechoslovakia's people.