When HM Haile Selassie I's twenty fourth Crown Holiday was celebrated November 2, 1954 at 11:00 in the Parliament at Addis Ababa, the Throne Speech that Prime Minister Hon. Bitwoded Mekonnen Endalkachew presented in the Name of H.M. the King of Kings.

A) The explanatory speech that the Prime Minister spoke within the Parliament.

Honoured counsellors,

As all of you know, at the time when our great King of Kings HM Haile Selassie I is found in Europe receiving banquets of friendly governments, by coincidence, because the Crown and Opening of Parliament Holiday fell on a day when His Majesty is not in His capital city, I shall read before you honoured counsellors, His Majesty's message that I was specially commanded to deliver to the Parliament, in order that the Parliament be opened and begin its work.

While I am happy at the fortune and honour given me to deliver to you HM the King of Kings' message today, I will reveal a desire I desire on my part, that we be found around His Majesty soon, this visit being finely fulfilled, that will live being told in history in the future for the glory and fame of His country and His people.

B) HM the King of Kings' Throne Speech that the Prime Minister read.

It is only today that We were unable to be found on the day when Our Parliament is gathered to begin its annual work, that We open to enter its annual work while We gave Our trust annually.

And on this day We are found in Europe accepting the invitation of friendly kings and presidents. As We had gone in the past seasons on the invitation of friendly countries to visit the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Greece; it is what We trust in, that this visit where We are found in Europe today, will be what elevates Ethiopia our country and also the history of Our beloved people; moreover what firms up the fine communication found with friendly countries and peoples; and where fruit is found that grows in both politics and the economy.

And the reception of friendship of the heart made for Us, both on Our past route and today, can be proof.

When We cause this message to reach you, for the primary work before you in this year, We wish that Jah's guiding Spirit lodge in your work, so that you can fulfill that whereby Ethiopia grows and Our beloved people are benefitted.


Because H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I completed His visit of France, joining His honour entourage, on Tuesday evening, November 2, 1954, He journeyed on a special train from Paris to Holland.

On Wednesday November 3, 1954, at 10 am He arrived at the city of Amsterdam. And at this time, HM Queen Juliana and her spouse, Prince Bernhard having received Him in great honour at the train station, they went to the palace. On the evening of this day, HM Queen Juliana made a great dinner banquet in honour of HM the King of Kings. And following is the response given from His Majesty for the speech HM Queen Juliana made at the banquet.

Your Majesty;

Your Highness;

Your Honour;

I thank you from the heart for the fine words that you spoke about Me and My people, and likewise because of the history you revealed detailing in inserted phrases about the connections of a long era between Ethiopia and Holland.

Your Honour has spoken praising the strength and perseverance of Ethiopia's people. However there are only a few countries who are praised and admired in the world like Holland's people, in defending for its freedom at all times, in working in strength and determination to save from harms that arrive in works worked by human minds and hands, and in accidents of waves.

Moreover the history of the two countries' relations that Your Honour revealed, leaving aside its being counted as only a general thing, has become for them a foundation whereby the two countries can work drawing near and uniting in various ways; and today Holland's capital has helped for the program We planned for Our country's development and Our economy's expansion, by establishing industry within Ethiopia and by working mechanical and agricultural works; and I have been convinced by the visit I made in this country, of it being possible for the two countries' cooperation in the future, to continue on; I believe that our two peoples will cooperate widely in greater measure, and that their deep friendship will continue to be developed.


Because HM Emperor Haile Selassie I completed His visit of Holland, joining His honour entourage, on Sunday, November 7, 1954, He journeyed from Holland in a special train to Germany. On Monday, November 8, 1954, the Dr. Hans Bidder who was ambassador of the German government in Ethiopia, awaited and received Him at the border, and He journeyed in a special train to Bonn. When He reached the city of Bonn, the President of the Republic Professor Theodor Heuss, and the Chancellor, Dr. Adenauer, received Him in great honour. Following is the word that the president spoke on the evening of this day, at the dinner banquet made in honour of HM the King of Kings at Schaumburg Palace, and the response given from His Majesty.

A) The Chancellor's speech.

Your Majesty, excellencies and honours, I feel honour when I say welcome to Your Majesty and the excellencies, being in the name of the West German Federal Government. The West German government and people give great value to this great Imperial visit.

And Your Majesty is the first King of Kings who visted West Germany. And today is the first time within history that Germany was visited by Ethiopia's King of Kings.

Even though the two countries are distant and different in many regards, alongside the whole of Germany, the interpretation of the word Ethiopia, a greatness and tradition honoured in its time, an ability of many hundred years being possible in troubling and worrisome times; the admiration of a wealthy and fertile country, the education and languages of various tribes and races being united, she is the ancient kingdom of the King of Kings and a faithful and strong country of the Christian religion. Because Your Majesty is the majestic leader of this country, we regard You in great admiration and humility. We admire You in Your being leader of a country not estranged with history, and in Your seizing the one piece in history, in Your sending forth Your country from worry and darkness, in Your being a true Father for Your people who knows Your people's wants and worries, and in Your being a brave leader of Your country's new goals, and in Your being a clever, kind, and faithful Christian.

The West German Federal government and people follow in great admiration and humility, the work that Your Majesty began and also continued, to improve, expand and develop Your country and Your people with regard to economy and wisdom by Your fine accord and in Your full power.

And they rejoice in the results of victory that are clearly seen; and as it were Germany had given her portion in these works like other countries, I believe it will also continue in the future.

Because Ethiopia has common goals of vision and leadership distancing in Your Majesty, and like Germany, of freedom and peace, we regard it in a lofty manner. Because the people of both Ethiopia and Germany agree in the moral foundation of their governments, they have become members of the free world's countries; and because they have common goals, both peoples have goals of one kind of friendship and hope.

And because of these common goals, even though oceans distance them and they have differences, they have internal friendship and companionship, and there is nothing else that surpassed Your Majesty's visit of Germany to show tangible proof of this companionship. And when I thank You for this visit of Yours, and when I wish for You that You find a pleasant time in the time when You stay here, my joy is heartfelt.

I raise my chalice to Your Majesty's health, to Your Highnesses and Your royal household's health, and to the coming time filled with joy for the Imperial Ethiopian government and people.

B) HM the King of Kings speech

Honoured President;

I thank you from the heart for the fine words that Your Honour spoke about Me and My people. At the time I came to visit Europe thirty years ago, even though it was for a short time, time encountered Me to tread the soil of Germany; but now by My being able to return again in this country of great history, and visit for a long time, it has made my joy manifold.

It has been over a hundred years since the scholars, authors, mechanics and businessmen of Germany began to share for Ethiopia, their beneficial knowledge and their work abilities; and it was that Ethiopia always accepted them in joy.

And likewise when they come from Ethiopia to this country, they have been able to serve their country by the learning they found; and of these We like to mention including Aleqa Taye and Kentiba Gebru; and the Blattengeta Heruy who was Our Foreign Affairs Minister has received an honorary degree in writership from Leipzig University; therefore it is evident that the education relationship of Ethiopia and Germany is what came being interconnected beginning from a long time ago. Just as the natives of Germany mentioned above would work in true friendship and trust, the crucial help they did on their part and the relationship between the two countries, itself is persuasive. Even though the politics that the government in Germany before the past war would pursue, was what We did not believe in and what We did not accept, until the time when Our country was invaded in violence, in the peoples of both countries, their cooperating and their working together wholeheartedly was not interrupted.

For both our countries to recover from the damage that arrived on them by reason of war, the growth of trade between Ethiopia and Germany enabling them to find the items they need, has been amazing; I have been quite pleased at finding a convenient time to come Myself to see the people who established this great country returning to the world again in an amazing manner from the damage and destruction of the oppressive war, and who brought it to this level, and who gave it lofty knowledge and minds; it is possible to say that the wisdom and industry of Germany's people is what inspires the other countries.

I raise My chalice to the health of the honorable President of the German Federal Republic and to the prosperity of Germany's people.


HM Emperor Haile Selassie I on November 9, 1954 at 9 am visited the Bonn city legislature. And following is the word He spoke at this time at the reception ceremony made in honour of His Majesty at the legislature hall.

Honoured President;

Honorable Mayor,

I have been quite pleased by the fine reception made for Me beginning from the day when I came to visit this country, and especially by the regard of friendship that the capital and officials of West Germany showed for Me. Almost nothing remained for it to be a hundred years since Germany's natives began working crucial work in Ethiopia's history; it is on the foundation that the fruits of work of these persons developed, that the friendship between the two countries was established; the items necessary for our country's development that came to Ethiopia being worked from Germany, are known in famousness since much time ago.

The help you made with regard to wisdom and education is great; the studies made in the past years about Ethiopia's trees and plants, about the topography and the linguistic order, are surpassing all.

The abundance of details prepared and published about these matters is quite amazing; many German scholars have come to live in Ethiopia and share their knowledge; We have sent many Ethiopian youths to this country, intending that they partake in and benefit by the education and knowledge of Germany that found famousness in the whole world; from the services that I do for My country's people, what held the first place within My heart is expanding of education; and We have made many sacrifices for this. Therefore We thank you because of the pleasing gift you made in giving tools for a department of safekeeping education and the people's health.


When H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, before noon on Tuesday November 9, 1954, received an honorary doctorate degree at Friedrich Wilhelm University, the following is the response given from His Majesty for the speech that the University President made.

Honoured President,

Honorable Director,

When I receive the honorary degree given Me from this famous great University, it is in great joy; and I thank you because of the regards of friendship that you revealed by this reason. It is truly amazing because the progress succeeded so much, that your country, admired in the whole world with regard to industry, made now moreover on the part of agricultural work; and the progress that you made with regard to agriculture and botany has become known additionally in Ethiopia. The botanists and science experts of Germany, more than the experts of other countries, having properly studied the plants and trees that Ethiopia's soil grows, have made the world know it; and apart from this, they have made some plants that were new for our country, enter Ethiopia and be developed; for example around the end of the past century, the known botanist of Germany Doctor Schimper is who brought to Ethiopia and developed the potato seed that has great usefulness.

Therefore I have been pleased by My being able to see and study the works that you completed at the present time with regard to agriculture, and likewise to know your continuing without interrupting, the work you were known by in famousness beginning from antiquity.

Because I saw many agricultural places on the journeys I made in America and Europe, I make hope that it will be what enables Me to balance what I beheld prior to this, and what I see now, and to know the superiority.


Following is the response given from His Majesty for the speech that the Chancellor of the German Federal Republic government Doctor Adenauer made at the luncheon banquet he made in honour of HM the King of Kings on November 9, 1954 at his residence.

A) H.M. the King of Kings' speech.

Honoured President,

Honorable Chancellor,

I thank you for the fine words you spoke about Me and My country; various situations have arrived on many countries within the past fifty years. And many countries have been transformed. However, these transformations and the troubling things that arrived on our two countries could not change the friendship between Ethiopia and Germany's people. I have been quite amazed by My coming and visiting this country, and by My seeing the fruit of the work you labored upon - to establish the country's economy, after the horrifying destruction and damage that arrived on Germany in the times of war, and to make the people's livelihood to be found improved more than the level where it was before the war; and because We on Our part have a labour that resembled this upon Us, We more than other countries are who can help the greatness of your work's fruit;

By Germany's experts and country visitors working scientific work within Ethiopia since the past century, and by making the whole world to know the results of their work, they have done a service that gives lofty estimation. And their names shall live being continually recalled in Ethiopia. It is the service that was a basis for both countries' enduring friendship, that has a fine remembrance of these experts, and the work that was completed by business people who came after them. And today in this regard, Ethiopia has accepted in friendship most of the people of your country who came freely to Ethiopia. And she gives their industry and their works of wisdom a lofty estimation.

In wishing that the cooperation between Ethiopia and Germany continue to expand, I raise My chalice for the friendship of the peoples of both countries.


Following is the speech that HM Emperor Haile Selassie I made Wednesday evening, November 10, 1954, at the great dinner banquet He made at His Embassy in honour of the President of the Republic of Germany.

Honoured President;

My heart has been touched by the fine hospitality done for Me by Germany; therefore by My being able to entertain Your Honour here this evening, My joy is special.

Without Ethiopia only having the lofty value of Germany's knowledge and wisdom, it is as she admires since a long time ago, and additionally the help it made for her in acquainting herself with the world's experts. Especially the natives of Germany who were scholars of language and archaeology, botany and medicine, authors and country visitors, have indelibly written their names within Ethiopia's history; and quitting most of them, to mention approximately a few, it seems to Me sufficient if I raise the names of Schimper, Rodolph, Dillmann, and Letmann. It has been much time since Ethiopia began to be benefitted by the lessons that Germany's universities give. And now just as she did before the past war, she has sent many youths to Germany for lessons. It is My desire that the unity between our two countries continue to expand and grow.

Making this fortunate day a reason, I raise My chalice to the health of the honorable President of the Republic of West Germany, and to the welfare and prosperity of Germany's people.


H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I on Thursday, November 11, 1954, visited the city of Dusseldorf. On the evening of this day, at the dinner banquet that President Arnold of Westphalia made in His Majesty's honour, the following is the response given from His Majesty about the words spoken from the President.

Honoured President;

I thank you because of the fine words that you spoke; I have been very pleased by My being able to visit this quite beautiful part of Germany; that this region was known in the world, without being only by its natural beauty, is additionally by the wealth of knowledge and agriculture and industry that springs from within it.

The history beginning from the Romans' era, brings up many times this part of Germany managed by Your Excellency's Prime Ministry; and as I observed on the visit I made coming here, I have been able to be persuaded that it is an heir constructed for the relic of knowledge that came to it, that the generation of today's Germany was transmitted since antiquity.

Therefore it is evident that the benefit this region gives to the Federal Republic of Germany is lofty. I would have been quite pleased had I found time to visit widely the great industries that you established. Even so, by your being about that famous with regard to agriculture, I have been pleased by My being able to see your agricultural works and machines.

I raise My chalice to the health of North Westphalia's people, and to the friendship between Ethiopia and Germany.


When HM Emperor Haile Selassie I on Saturday November 13, 1954 visited Hamburg, the mayor made a lofty honour reception for Him. And the following is the response given from His Majesty for the words that the mayor spoke at the great banquet he made in the legislature hall in honour of His Majesty.

Honoured Mayor;

I have been quite pleased by the fine words you spoke and by the reception of friendship that the people of the city of Hamburg made for Me. I beg you to let it be revealed to the people, My gratitude of the heart for you and by your reason, for this glowing reception and regard of friendship.

Thirty years ago when I trod upon Germany's soil for the first time, what I was able to see was only the city of Hamburg. But now having seen the other cities, by My being found again within this great city, you can guess around what the joy I feel is. Your city, known in beauty and fondness of work, makes it possible to say that the effort it made, as its history of a lengthy era shows, for trade and communication works to spread between various countries, has fulfilled the duties expected from a great sea port. And apart from this, by its being a gathering square that continually serves, where the peoples of the world meet and reveal various observations, it has helped by much to make fine understanding exist among the people of the world. It is dubious to say that the trouble and tribulation like what arrived on the people of the city of Hamburg in the past times of war, has arrived on the inhabitants of other cities; I have been amazed at My seeing you having passed all that trouble, more than renewing the damage that arrived upon you by reason of war, having established a new flourishing and expanded city by your strength and your knowledge.

If this, your spirit of fondness of work and your strength, inclines toward Ethiopia, who hastens to expand her economy, a fertile place that gives the value of labour is certain to be found.

In making this fortunate day a reason, I raise my chalice to the development of the historic city of Hamburg, to the city's mayor and inhabitants, and likewise to the health of the great people of Germany.


Because HM Emperor Haile Selassie I completed His visit of Germany, joining His honour entourage, on Sunday evening, November 14, 1954, He went from Germany to Sweden. On Monday November 15 '54, being on a special train, at 11 am when He entered Stockholm, H.M. King Adolph Gustav VI and H.M. Queen Louise waiting at the train station received Him in great honour, and then being with King Gustav in an open royal chariot, they went to the palace. On this day at 8pm, at the great banquet that HM King Adolph Gustav made in his palace in honour of HM Haile Selassie I, the following is the response given from His Majesty for the speech that the King made.

Your Majesty the King,

Your Majesty the Queen,

I thank you from the heart for the regard of friendship that Your Majesty revealed in the speech that you made.

Since many years ago, Ethiopia has lived preserving the connection of friendship she has with Sweden; therefore as Your Majesty spoke now, by My coming again returning to the country I had visted thirty years before, I feel great joy. The visit that Your Majesty and HM the Queen made twenty years ago coming to Ethiopia, has made the relations between Ethiopia and Sweden to be further strengthened. I have moreover been quite pleased by My being able to meet again today, the Duke Bertil who came following Your Majesty at that time and was at his guesthood reception.

That I am sad is only by HM Itege's inability to come with Me by reason of health, and by time remaining without allowing Her to meet again with the King and Queen of this great country. It is My pleasure to extend, as soon as I returned to My country, the greetings sent for Her from Your Majesty and the fine wish you revealed.

I shall live while I continually recall the visits Your Majesty made for Me, not only in Ethiopia, but in Our times of tribulation, but when you had come to England, coming as far as My little dwelling. I like to reveal to you that this, your regard of friendship, is what will live among My people counted with great gratitude.

Your Majesty has mentioned in your speech that I visited Sweden thirty years ago. The reason why I came to visit Sweden, is because I wanted to know directly this great country that widely helped, beginning many eras ago, for Ethiopia's spiritual and educational growth; starting from the time when the last century was begun, Sweden's missionaries have worked in a way whereby My people have benefited. Among the missionaries who work in Ethiopia, it does not seem to Me that there is any surpassing Sweden's missionaries in serving in trust and honesty.

Arising from the feelings that sprang from the goodly work of Sweden's people, in the times of serious trials that had arrived on us twenty years ago, the work of valor, that the Red Cross workers it sent, fulfilled in doing all possible for them being found on the battle field to make our soldiers' torment easier for them, is especially praised. And today Ethiopia has sat in the service that many technicians and scholars do, who were natives of Sweden living in Ethiopia; and I have been especially pleased by the fruits of work that those who were war envoys and teachers of air force and police, experts in ministry and education, produced.

Thus My coming here, just as I did thirty years ago, will be a demonstration of the ancient friendship that binds us with Sweden.

I raise My chalice to HM the King of Sweden and Her Majesty's health and likewise to the development and welfare of this friendly great country.


H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I being found on Tuesday, November 15, 1954 at 4 pm at the banquet that the mayor of the city of Stockholm made for Him in his legislative building, the following is the speech that He made.

Honoured mayor.

I have been quite pleased by My being able to return and visit Stockholm again, and by My being found within this beautiful great building that was an example for the knowledge of Sweden's engineers.

The plan and beauty of your work and additionally your observations of engineering, is what can be a source of example for other countries. The help you made, by sharing your knowledge and your work capability, is great; the abundance of the number of your names, of your authors and those who were leaders in scientific work, is pleasing. The mind and ability of your experts is what is given a lofty estimation, in Ethiopia too as all the other countries.

Even though a way's distance separate our two peoples, the connection of friendship that is between them is continuing to draw near and firm up. The living of natives of Sweden while coming to Ethiopia since many eras ago, is a witness that the friendship and respect of both parties is given a lofty estimation.

Because the trade between Ethiopia and Sweden has begun being expanded in a pleasing manner since recently, and also because the growth of Ethiopia's economy progresses while it is likewise sped up, no reason can exist why the trade and industry of Sweden will not be benefitted being a partaker in this work.

I love to reveal to you on this occasion that My desire is for the friendship and spirit of cooperation between both our countries to continue again to strengthen.


When H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I on Tuesday, Novermber 15, 1954 at 6:30 pm had given a great dinner banquet in honour of HM King Adolph Gustav and HM Queen Louise within the great building called Grand Hotel, the speech He made at the banquet.

HM the King,

HM the Queen,

Even though the map of the world shows our two capital cities making them distant, many are the natives of Sweden since the past century who came to Ethiopia and lived.

And they have worked by the knowledge and skill they have, in a way whereby Our country is benefitted; and there are found among them those who spent most of their lifespans in Ethiopia; and their service has given a large benefit to Our country. From among the crucial works that natives of Sweden fulfilled, the schools and hospitals they established are witnesses for the work they work in sincerity and without seeking advantage.

My coming here has become an opportunity for Me to realize the great progress you completed during the past thirty years between My two journeys that I made, to come here and again see this country where were born the Swedes in Ethiopia who help us in work.

When I come to Sweden, above the fine reception and regard of friendship, I have felt special joy at My being able this evening moreover to entertain this great country and Emperor here.

I raise My chalice to the health of HM the King of Sweden and HM the Queen; to the development and growth of the friendly country Sweden.


Because HM Emperor Haile Selassie I completed His visit of Sweden, assembling His honour entourage, on Wednesday November 16, 1954, at 7:30 pm, being on a special train, He began to travel from Sweden's capital city Stockholm, to Norway. Having lodged while He traveled in the night, on Thursday November 17, '54 at 8:30 am, He reached the border of the country of Norway. And the journey continued toward the capital city Oslo, and at a station 10 km distant from the city of Oslo, the heir of the throne of Norway Prince Olav awaited and received Him. And passing from there when they reached the Oslo city train station at 11:15, the king of Norway, HM Haakon, received Him in great honour. And from there, being in an open royal automobile with King Haakon, they went to the palace amidst a parade. On the evening of this day, HM the King of Norway made a great dinner banquet in his palace in honour of HM the King of Kings. And the following is the speech King Haakon made at the banquet and the response given from HM the King of Kings.

A) Short speech of HM King Haakon.

Your Majesty, at the time when Your country was invaded by enemies, I remember the strength of spirit and bravery of Your Majesty and Your people. Even though Your country was first in enemy invasions, after a few years, the fate of danger that Your Majesty's country found, arrived also for us. And at this time when I remember the hour when we met with Your Majesty in England, the situation will never perish from my heart. And next in 1941 AD in the European Calendar, by Ethiopia's freedom being properly restored, by guaranteeing fine justice to again extend in the world, by we too awaiting our fate, our heart was filled with joy. And today when we regard the trade situation continuing to widen between Ethiopia and Norway, we are very pleased. And the reason is by its being what strengthens both our countries on a path of friendship.

B) Speech of HM the King of Kings.

Your Majesty;

Having received Your Majesty's fine invitation, I have been quite pleased by My coming to visit this country of yours renowned in beauty.

Even though Ethiopia and Norway are far apart in map position, they are bonded in view of the basic things proper for humankind to be led by. And you, like us, have known the terror of war and invasion. The battle of valor Your Majesty yourself made in resisting the invaders' war has been widely admired. Your Majesty is additionally a father for your people, yet not only a king. I remember our meeting in England without our interrupting resisting the invaders' war through our partisans.

You have worked while cooperating in perfect drawing together, to defend the known basic things along the United Nations Council, after they restored our countries' freedom. And Ethiopia is especially grateful for the effort and help that Your Majesty's government and experts made, that Ethiopia's affairs find a decision.

Many of Your Majesty's citizens are found who work in Ethiopia in various government offices, and benefiting not only in this, but in trade work too. I am pleased when I behold the trade between Ethiopia and Norway continuing to grow from the past five years onward.

In making this day of joy a reason, I raise My chalice to HM the King of Norway, to the Crown Prince, to the royal household, and to the brave people of Norway, and likewise, while I desire that the relations between our two countries continue to expand and strengthen more in the future, to the king who found a history that is forever undying, and to the brave people of Norway.


When HM Emperor Haile Selassie I on Thursday afternoon, November 17, 1954, visited the legislature of the city of Oslo, the mayor of the city made an honour reception for Him. And on the visit His Majesty made the following speech.

Honoured mayor;

By My coming and visiting this legislature building found distinct in its beauty of appearance, I have felt a special joy. And I count it as a work that reveals and shows in a pleasing manner, this beauty of the modern architecture whereby the peoples of Scandinavia especially found fame.

I count it as having significance, the matter of this beautiful building being worked face to face with the sea where Norway's fortune is found interlinked in a tight manner, and likewise sitting face to face with the city where it is found as the navel for the reasoning of business of her administration. When I visit coming here, I bless these gifts in order to be a demonstration for the lofty estimation I feel; for My friendship, and for these feelings that are among My people.


HM Emperor Haile Selassie I on Friday evening , November 18, 1954, made a great dinner banquet for HM King Haakon. And the following is the speech He made at the banquet.

HM the King;

Even though it be for a short time that I came to visit your beautiful country, My heart has been touched by the reception of friendship made for Me. This fine hospitality and regard of friendship is a sign that proves the deep consideration that binds both our peoples and their Kings.

In truth, because the beauty of Norway's mountains, seas, forests and valleys, the fertility of her pastures, was found being united, and by her being a country that yoked and seized all this, the beauty she has is special. The level where you reached with regard to education and social living, and the progress you made, the fondness of work and strength of the people, is quite amazing.

The help that natives of Norway made in sharing their knowledge for the development of today's Ethiopia, has pleased Me; and now I have hope when I say My coming and visiting this country will make the education and economy of both countries to be worked uniting further in the future.

Even though the distance between our two countries be great, the faith they have in keeping the correct justice and peace that was a basic thing for all Christians, is one. And they have made a great battle for this basic thing. And they have received tribulation by it.

While I reveal My joy in finding a convenient time to entertain the king of this friendly country today, I raise My chalice for HM the King of Norway, for HE the Crown Prince, for the royal house hold, and for the health and joy of the people of Our friend Norway.


Because HM Emperor Haile Selassie I completed his visit of Norway, having joined His honour entourage, on Saturday evening, November 20, 1954, He embarked upon a special train and began to journey from Norway's city, Oslo, to Denmark. In the night He transferred from the train to a ship, and crossing the sea, continued the journey, and on Sunday November 21, 1954, before noon, He reached Denmark's capital Copenhagen. At this time the king of Denmark, HM Frederick, awaiting at the train station, received Him in great honour.

And next, being with the king in an open royal automobile, they went to the palace. On the evening of this day at 8:00 HM King Frederick made a great banquet in His palace in honour of HM the King of Kings; and the following is the response H.M. the King of Kings gave for the speech HM King Frederick made at the banquet.

A) Speech of H.M. the King of Kings.

H.M. the King;

H.M. the Queen;

I am thankful for the words of friendship that Your Majesty spoke about Me and My people.

At the time when the beloved princess, today Queen of Denmark, had come to visit Ethiopia, because the pleasing memory she left entered all of our minds, Our accepting the invitation that HM the King and HM the Queen made for Us that I visit Denmark by their fine accord, is in great joy.

Ethiopia since much time ago has established relations with this country that, being small in width, yet was large in many things.

During the years of trial that followed after the war, at the time serious decisions were given about the matter of My country, you have made proofs for Me that reveal a feeling of friendship. And We, because of the great characters you have in your population, just as in all our friends found in the world, by your nature that was fond of work, by your wisdom and by your lofty spirit that you have about the matter of people's administration, and likewise, because of your thoughts filled with largeness that you have in the matter of goodly work, We are partakers of the admiration that the world makes for you,

I raise My chalice for H.M. the King;

For H.M. the Queen,

For your joy and for your bliss and for the fortune of your people.


When H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I Monday afternoon, November 22, 1954, visited the legislature of the city of Copenhagen, the mayor of the city made an honour reception for Him. And the following is the word HM the King of Kings spoke on the visit.

Honoured mayor;

When I receive from your hand today, the keys to the city of Copenhagen that was large in fame and large in beauty, I am feeling deep joy; your legislature in its beauty and in its majesty is a monument that I admire. The Viking monuments that keep the building, it reminds Me of the tale that was a thousand years ago that ties Ethiopia and Denmark.

And this tale is the oral history that the one called the priest Yohannes tells, that there was a native of Denmark called Ozhiye.


Because HM Emperor Haile Selassie I completed His visit of Denmark, joining His honour entourage, on Tuesday evening November 23, 1954, He began to journey toward Switzerland on a special train. On November 24, 1954, having reached the city of Lubeck in West Germany, after He visited the legislature; the train continued its journey. On Thursday November 25, 1954 at 9am, He reached the capital of Switzerland, Bern. And at this time, the President of the Confederation, the Hon. Doctor Rodolphe Rubattel, and the government officials, awaiting at the train station, received Him in great honour. And after that, being in an open automobile with the President, they entered the Cantonal Bank palace. On the evening of this day, the President made a great dinner banquet in the palace in honour of HM the King of Kings. And following is the speech that the President made at the banquet and the response given from His Majesty.

A) Speech of the President of the Confederation, the Hon. Doctor Rodolphe.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, in accepting the honour invitation we made, because You came for us to visit our country, I reveal in the name of the people of Switzerland, the joy that the Confederation feels. We have great hope that Your Majesty and Your honour entourage will find hours of calm and rest within our country. We feel joy when we present this flower to Your Majesty thinking it to be an demonstrative example for our admiration and our joy.

Your Majesty's new ceremony of visitation has found a profound joy within our country; being in the name of Switzerland's people and in the name of Switzerland's Federal Parliament, I present my heartfelt fine wish to Your Majesty that You find a pleasing time of rest in the time when Your Majesty stayed in this country, and that it be for You a fine remembrance; but on our part, by only our being able to see upon the soil of our country, Your Majesty who became the leader of fortune for the friendship and estimation that remained firmed up since much time ago between Ethiopia and Switzerland, our joy is surpassing.

History is what testifies during the eras about the relations of friendship between the two countries. Ethiopia's being a country found holding the lofty place of honour, that had been inscribed within the spirit of our past fathers and, also these who are called our earlier fathers are who, in the era when Christianity entered the valley of our country, had an estimation that Ethiopia was a country blessed and sanctified by the Gospel. Ethiopia, like Switzerland, is a country that struggled much because of her freedom in the past eras. It is by Your Majesty's labour and strength, that Ethiopia was able to elevate her glory and find grace.

It is indubitable that the natural wealth of Ethiopia will be what produces fine fortune and development for her in the future; the honour and joy that the Swiss Confederation feels at its being able to receive Your Majesty, is lofty.

B) Speech of HM the King of Kings.

Honorable President;

I thank you from the heart for the historical relations and valour that you quoted and spoke of between Ethiopia and Switzerland. I too on My part have known well the testimony of friendship between both our countries since generations of much time ago. And at this time we are witnesses for your country, be it whenever, being a field of victory that has a history she reflects.

When We are found within this your country that is lofty, that is a field of wisdom, that is beautiful, it is with great joy. Behold, a few days have passed since the 639th year was celebrated of when the Swiss showed their bravery in strength within the battle field of Morgarten that is mentioned in the whole world. Switzerland and Ethiopia are who have defended their freedom since many generations ago. We guarantee that We are grateful for the lofty reception made for Us in this beautiful country of yours, and the joy We feel. And I shall reveal a desire I have, for the prosperity of our friend the Swiss people; and thus our relationship will continue to go on strengthening further for the future.