H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I on Friday, November 26, 1954, visited the city of Switzerland called Zurich. At this time the President of the city legislature and the administrator of the canton region receiving in great friendship, they made a banquet for Him in the legislature hall. And at the banquet, the President made a speech in quoting His Majesty's illustrious history. And HM the King of Kings gave a response.

On Saturday, November 27, 1954 before noon, He visited the city called Bern. On Sunday November 28, He visited Geneva. After this because He completed His visit of Switzerland, on this day at 5:00 being on a special train, He began to journey to Austria.

On Monday, November 29, 1954 He entered the capital of Austria, Vienna. And at this time a lofty reception was made for Him. After He spent 2 days in visiting the city of Vienna, on Wednesday, December 1 He again returned to Switzerland and Paris for rest.

H.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I having completed all the visits on the basis of the invitations sent for Him, on Tuesday December 7, 1954, at 11:00, He entered His capital Addis Ababa. And the following are the speeches made at the reception made because of His Majesty's returning well.

A) The word that the city governor, the Hon. Mayor Kebbede Tessema, spoke at the airport.

Your Majesty;

On this day when Your Majesty returns having visited friendly countries in Europe, I beg, standing beneath Your throne, that it might be permitted me to reveal the feeling of joy of Your native people of Addis Ababa and myself, who approached to see Your yearned-for face, and to reveal their yearning.

Your Majesty.

Because it is what the whole world admires, it coming to pass arriving for each and every Ethiopian in turn, that the fruit and results of the work -- for which Your Majesty labours at all times because of Ethiopia's civilisation and growth, because of the comfort of Your people -- be what he knew and realized, it does not require me to speak in detail.

While the states of Europe that Your Majesty visited now, are what were visited before this in both joy and tribulation, the few won't remain without being new. I mean that Your Majesty did not set foot in every country, yet because they became introduced for Him, in working the government and the people in the friendship of world peace keeping and united because of common benefit, they are not new for Your Majesty. Because this journey of Your Majesty, draped in the lofty esteem along leaders of great governments, profited for us being known, honoured and respected; while Your people feel great pride, in presenting praise to the God who gave so great a leader, there is none, from the foreman to the disciple, who does not beg long life for Your Majesty.

Your Majesty;

Since the time when You went until this day, the sadness was lofty that was upon Your people, who guard You like the pupil of the eye, who don't like You to be separated from it be it at any time. Because the effort and labour Your Majesty did for us will not be exhausted being spoken by only my tongue, while I left it for the coming generation and for history; while I present praise for our gracious God who, keeping without distinguishing where You whiled and lodged for those who followed You when You came, sufficed You to be found amidst Your dear country and Your beloved people, I say at least You entered well for us.

May He give long life for Your Majesty, for HM Itege, for the Royal Household.

May Ethiopia live forever boasting in her freedom.

B) The words spoken in the Palace by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Bitwodded Mekonnen Endalkachew.

Your Majesty;

By our seeing from Your Throne the long and historic journey Your Majesty made upon the two great worlds, being finely fulfilled by Jah's charity, Your Majesty having returned well, I praise Jah while I say, being in the whole Ethiopian people's and my own name, at least You entered well for us.

Your Majesty;

In the era when the government and people of Great Britain accepted You in the time of Your exile, and You sat in London, because they studied Your lofty virtue and Your determination, Your political struggle and Your patience, the reception of the heart, made because of Your esteem in a lofty estimation, is a testimony of Your history.

It especially reminds us of Your past history to visit the Swiss Government and see Geneva.

Your Majesty;

At the time when the League of Nations faltered, in the era when the morality of the representatives of the world's kings failed, in the season when it was feared that Your Majesty's being seen in the city of Geneva aroused a world war, at the time it was counseled that supporting Ethiopia's affairs would be a cause of ill for the world, Your Majesty, in Your strength and Your diligence, Your determination, dismissing all dangers of death, found fortune to speak of the lofty matter of Ethiopia amidst the assembly of the world's kings.

Just as Your Majesty spoke saying Apart from Jah's Kingdom, the governments of mankind have no large and small, the serious Fascist column of iron fell being shattered by Jah's power. Behold, the stone that the carpenters cast away has become Ethiopia's corner stone. Therefore, visiting the city where You spoke a prophecy of the danger that arrives on the world by reason of lacking justice, in the square where Your Majesty requested justice of truth, calls to mind Jah's divine justice.

Your Majesty.

By the work You began with Jah from beginning until end being what has value and whose result was beautiful, the world accepted You stretching forth its hand in its entire complete heart; many are the human beings who worked lofty work for their country; and many will be found who made themselves a sacrifice.

However it was after all these died that their history was seen magnified. But Your Majesty witnessed all the work You worked because of Your country while You are in life over all the world; the fortune like this did not encounter any person. Therefore, as Your Majesty spoke saying Praise spoken by human mouths is not enough for all the work Jah worked for Us previous to this, we too, apart from admiring Jah's lofty work, all the praise we present is not enough.

Life for H.M. the King of Kings;

Life for H.M. Itege;

Life for H.M. the King of Kings' households;

May Ethiopia live forever in her freedom.

C) The word H.M. the King of Kings spoke by radio at 8pm for the entire Ethiopian people.

This has been two months today that We, accepting their invitation, arose from Our capital to visit the countries of friends in Europe, until We returned; although you heard in the reports that reach Ethiopia at each time of the receptions of honour and friendship made for Us in each of the countries We arrived in, now after We have returned and entered Our capital, We Our Self loved to reveal for you in Our words what We felt about Our journey.

Even though the time was short, within two months We have been able to visit nine friendly countries. And these, when they are counted according to the order of Our path, are Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria.

Before We reached England, because the island of Malta was on Our way, We passed by there; the governor and Lord Mountbatten received Us pleasingly.

We have returned being quite pleased by the lofty receptions of friendship made for Us in all the friendly countries We arrived in. All the demonstration of friendship that had, on the part of the people, the honour done for Us in the countries We visited, that would be seen in one kind of appearance, was quite pleasing.

And especially at the time We arrived in England, by this country being where We spent the five years of exile, We did not consider making Our Self a stranger for either the country or the people.

And when this people, that was hospitable, that waited while accepting and comforting Us in Our time of tribulation, saw Us again after fourteen years, the signs of joy it revealed for Us would have no limit.

When We speak of the reception made for Us in England, We consider in deep joy the observation of true friendship that HM Queen Elizabeth, HE. the Duke of Edinburgh, and the royal relations made for Us, that We spend a pleasing time in all the days when it was found for Us to visit England filled with their kindness.

And in the time when We were in England, works and an agreement have been fulfilled that better preserve and bring closer, the friendship of both countries. And by this spirit of cooperation being able to be found as continual between the two countries, it has also become pleasing for both countries.

And in the time when We were in France, they have neared to fulfill works that continue to strengthen fine neighborliness of friendship and moreover to tighten the fine communication of both countries. And works have been begun that bind together and firm up more than this, the benefit of both friendly countries in the future. And it has been made that these works continue to find fulfillment. And the reception of friendship made for Us in France, and the kindness of the people, shall not perish from Our heart. The President and his wife are honoured and beloved ones.

And now there is found before Us a memory of the pleasing reception of friendship from the heart, made for us in Holland, in Germany, in Sweden, in Norway, in Denmark, in Switzerland, in Austria, by the kings and the governments, and the people.

Because HM the King of Sweden and his daughter, HM Ingrid, had visited our country prior to this, all that they did for Us without forgetting the memory, to please Us making Us consider their palace as Our home, is unforgotten.

Because HM the King of Norway and We had been introduced meeting in England, in the era of our exiles that became similar by the fate that arrived upon both our countries, by our being found in a time that had a different appearance, passing by the day of tribulation that was historical, we spent the time of our visitation speaking in a spirit filled by love and kindness.

In general, the visit We made in the countries of Our friends has become what will quite help to reveal and inform the level of civilisation where Our country Ethiopia has reached, and the improved condition where she is found today. And this visit is what We believe in to be, apart from its creating in Our friends' countries a spirit of understanding and friendship, what will moreover promote great benefit for Ethiopia in the measure thought to be fulfilled for the benefit of both parties with regard to work and economy.

In the countries of Scandinavia where We arrived, in the speeches We made to find workers necessary to benefit us in technique, it has been made to find persons proper for Our business.

It is proper to be counted as guaranteed, that this visit of Our friends' countries that We made, will be what brings fine fruit for Our work whereby We labour that Ethiopia progress more to reach the greater level of civilisation.

That We Our Self thought to tell you a short word about Our journey, without it only being a thing to be heard in reports, it is in meaning for you to realize it being necessary to be revealed in work.

In the time when We were in Europe, We have found occasion to see and converse with the children of Ethiopia whom We pastured in each country for education.

The labour we wearied upon, to make the freedom our fathers preserved while they fought because of Ethiopia, moreover the freedom of our country to be kept by modern tools and by knowledge, and to develop assistants for Ethiopia, is what gives hope that it won't remain being vain.

The countries We visited are what quite preceded in knowledge and technique; and Ethiopia, apart from workers of technique, is not less than other countries in natural wealth.

Ethiopia is of all of us and of the whole of Ethiopians; and therefore, because what We laboured on so far, to nurture Our country and Our people, to spread education and wisdom, to develop that whereby the health of Our people is kept, took a fine course, all of our help is necessary in what we work to further fulfill works that resembled this.

In the time where we are now, for the work to be useful, all of you, in working struggling from the soil, have been able to help it by what you do to support your property; and by this being, the fruit that finds our country's people in work, balanced in the trade sent abroad from the country and entering from abroad, the exports are seen rivalling the imports.

It is proper to consider the fine reception and honour made for Us in Our friends' countries to be the honour of Ethiopia and her people.

After We finished visiting friendly countries, having returned to Our beloved country, by Our being found amidst Our people whom We love, the joy We feel is great; and Our heart has been touched by the fine reception Our people made for Us revealing its longing.


When the special envoy and ambassador plenipotentiary of the Greek government, the Hon. M. Dmitri Pappas, on December 21, 1954, at 11:00, presented his letter of appointment at Genete Leul Palace, the word he spoke standing before HM the King of Kings, and the response given from His Majesty.

A) Speech of the hon. ambassador.

Your Majesty;

HM King Paul I appointed me, it being his accord that I be his ambassador alongside Your Majesty who is a friend. Therefore when I present to Your Majesty my letter of appointment on this faith that was enough, I feel honour.

At the time when Your Majesty sojourned in Greece, above the people of Greece in one word revealing its full accord that You went leaving a pleasing feeling of the heart with depth and a pleasant love of the heart, it also became what strictly convinced me.

During these last hundred years, more than the very lofty goodly deeds that You did for the natives of my country who live in Ethiopia, natives of my country have tried to reveal for Your Majesty the love and deep respect they have through this, for the works they propagated that have testimony because of the life of the world.

During the time when I promulgate my work on the basis of the command given me from the King of Kings that I reveal these feelings, I ask faith from alongside HM the King of Kings, for the honour cast upon me that I promulgate for both countries' benefit on an accurate scale for Ethiopia more than Greece, .

I remind that lofty help be done for me in the time when I serve in the friendship that had fulfillment be it at any time before this, that is without darkness for the two intertwined peoples' similar benefit, and in an estimation that drew very near.

At the time when I promulgate this my message, permit me to make hope that Your Majesty's very lofty goodly deeds and the faith of the Imperial Government of Ethiopia not be separate from me.

B) Speech of HM the King of Kings.

Honorable ambassador;

We are pleased when We accept from your hand, your letter whereby you were appointed special envoy and ambassador plenipotentiary of HM king of the Hellenes, along Our Imperial Palace.

The firm friendship lasting since many eras ago between the two countries, more than its being a basis for our common thought and benefit, its being what continues to draw both countries quite close is evident.

Having accepted the invitation HM King Paul I made for Us, We have been very pleased by Our being able to visit his great country. And this visit that We made is sufficient proof for being what continues to strengthen the friendship and consideration between the two countries. At the time when We were in that great country, the lofty admiration has been revealed that We had, for the pleasing reception the people and royal household of Greece made for Us, for the people, and for the royal household.

Everywhere We went, Our heart has been deeply touched by the feeling of joy that the people revealed for Us, and by the fine reception it made for Us. You can rely on Our help not diminishing on you in the effort you make to fulfill the lofty mission that is upon you, to further strengthen and expand the friendship between the two countries.

We request your excellency to present for Us Our friendly greetings to HM King Paul I, and likewise, to reveal for Us the fine wish We have, for the welfare and happiness of HM the Queen,the royal household and people of Greece.


Five youths going to Germany for Electrical and Radiomechanical education, on December 21, 1954 at 12:30, when they approached before HM the King of Kings in Genete Leul Palace and were dispatched, the words that the students spoke, and the directive words given from His Majesty.

a) What one of the youths spoke being in his colleagues' name.

Your Majesty, Light of Ethiopia.

It being the will of the Most High JAH, because He gave to all us Ethiopians found in this century, Your Majesty, Father, King of Kings; the pathway of knowledge, opened for us that we reach the level where the world reached in regard to civilisation, is seen as a great historic foundation that also makes each generation passing from us proud.

And that this could be so, is by Your Majesty establishing schools in abundance within the whole of Ethiopia, in order that our country, that was naturally wealthy, be benefitted by the technical wisdom that the mind of mankind invents, and in order that she progress being able for herself in any thing.

Because it happened that Your Majesty, yet in Crown Princehood, and next after You received the great trust from the Most High Jah, especially rested Your lofty consideration in the practice of establishing schools and maturing the minds of youths in knowledge, by its continuing to give fruit, Your labour has been blessed.

And without being only Your people, the people of the whole world have settled their lofty admiration upon this. And in this situation, apart from the youths counted in many thousands who are found in the schools within Ethiopia, by Your Majesty's accustomed generosity and observation of Fatherhood, many youths, being sent to foreign countries, are found tasting the various wisdoms that are beneficial to Ethiopia's growth.

And because we four youths who learned in mechanics school by Your Majesty's Fatherhood, this lofty fortune having reached us, were prepared to go to Germany to learn the lofty technical wisdom of radio and electricity, today when we are dispatched having approached before your illustrious Throne, boundless joy is felt.

In making the deep fatherly advice Your Majesty gives to youths at each time a foundation, after we continued in diligence and delivered from fulfillment, when we reveal the desire we have is lofty, to serve our mother country and our King of Kings by the knowledge we bore as fruit, we present our heartfelt praise to Your Majesty who sufficed us for this fortune.

Life to HM the King of Kings, Life to HM Itege, Life to the Royal Household, May Ethiopia live in her freedom.

B) The guiding words spoken by HM the King of Kings:

Because you realized what the duty wherefore you are sent is, you have revealed the situation to Us in detail. That you can deliver what you spoke to its goal, is, having distanced from your childish nature, when you devote your full observation upon your education.

At the time you arrived upon the country, by seeing anything with your eyes, you will be convinced of it. What We remind you now is that you, keeping your instructors' will and instructions, diligently follow the education they will teach you.

In the time when you stayed abroad, if you distance from any bad practices, it means you honoured yourselves. Therefore, We desire for you that, having realized this and diligently continued your education, you will suffice to help yourselves and your country.