Chapter 1. Edit

Daweet Child an 'Abriham Child 'Iyesus Kristos generation book.

'Abriham birthed Yis'haq; an Yis'haq birthed Ya`iqob; an Ya`iqob birthed Yihuda an him bredren; an Yihuda birthed Faries an Zara from Ti`imar; an Faries birthed 'Esrom; an 'Esrom birthed 'Aram; an 'Aram birthed 'Ameenadab; an Ameenadab birthed Ne'ason; an Ne'ason birthed Selmon; an Selmon birthed Bo'iez from Rakieb; an Bo'iez birthed 'Iyobied from Rut; an 'Iyobied birthed 'Issiey; an 'Issiey birthed King Daweet.

An King Daweet birthed Selomon from 'Oryo wife; an Selomon birthed Rob`am; an Rob`am birthed 'Abeeya; an 'Abeeya birthed 'Asaf; an 'Asaf birthed 'Iyosafith; an 'Iyosafith birthed 'Iyoram; an 'Iyoram birthed `Ozzyan; an `Ozzyan birthed 'Iyo'atam; an 'Iyo'atam birthed 'Akaz; an 'Akaz birthed Hiziqyas; an Hiziqyas birthed Minassie; an Minassie birthed 'Amots; an 'Amots birthed 'Iyosyas; an 'Iyosyas birthed 'Ikonyan an him bredren pon Babilon captivity time.

An after Babilon captivity 'Ikonyan birthed Selatyal; an Selatyal birthed Zerubabiel; an Zerubabiel birthed 'Abyud; an 'Abyud birthed 'Elyaqiem; an 'Elyaqiem birthed 'Azar; an 'Azar birthed Sadoq; an Sadoq birthed 'Akeem; an 'Akeem birthed 'Elyud; an 'Elyud birthed 'Al`azar; an 'Al`azar birthed Matan; an Matan birthed Ya`iqob; an Ya`iqob birthed Maryam - who birthed 'Iyesus called Kristos - fiance Yosief.

Thus all generations from 'Abriham up til Daweet are fourteen generations, an from Daweet up til Babilon captivity fourteen generations, an from Babilon captivity up til Kristos fourteen generations.

An 'Iyesus Kristos birth were thus. Pon the time Him mother Maryam were ingaged fe Yosief - without them meetin she were found havin canceived by the Hola Spirit. An becau she fiance Yosief bein righteous didn't love fe reveal she - him thought fe quit she ina secret. But when him thought this, check - the Lord Angel were sight up fe him ina dream, an him said thus: - "O Daweet child Yosief, as Him Who were canceived from she are from the Hola Spirit - do not fear fe tek thy fiancee Maryam. An she shall birth a Child; as Him shall save the people from them sin - thou will call Him Name 'Iyesus. All this have happened that what were said from alongside the Lord by a prophet -


might be fulfilled, an the interpretation are meanin - 'JAH with InI'." An Yosief awoke from him sleep an did like unto the Lord Angel commanded him; an him took him fiancee; an up til she birthed she Firstborn Child him didn't know she; an him called Him Name 'Iyesus.