Chapter 3.Edit

An ina that season the baptiser Yohannis came while him preached ina Yihuda wilderness sayin - "As the Kingdom of Heaven have approached - enter repentance." Fe this are him fe whom it were said by the prophet 'Isayyas: -

"A man voice shoutin ina the wilderness who say 'Prepare the Lord road an straighten up the cleared way'."

An Yohannis him ras self had camel hair clothes - an him would gird a strap pon him waist; an him food were locust an desert honey. At that time 'Iyerusaliem an all Yihuda an all the country ina Yordanos area would proceed toward him; an them would be baptise from him ina Yordanos river while them testified them sin.

Nonetheless pon the time him sight up when many from the Fereesans an Seduqans came toward the baptism, him told them thus: - "Unu viper childran, who pointed unu up fe flee from the anger that come? Thus mek fruit that are due fe repentance; an mek it not seem fe unu that unu say ina your heart - 'Wi have 'Abriham faada;' fe I-man tell unu - JAH can raise up childran fe 'Abriham from these rocks. As fe now a axe have sat at trees root; thus all trees that don't mek fine fruit shall be cut an cast toward a fiyah.

As fe I - I-man baptise unu ina Water fe repentance; but Him Who shall come after I - Whose shoe I-man aren't due that I-man might carry - Him are stronger than I; Him shall baptise unu ina the Hola Spirit an ina fiyah; an Him pitchfork are ina Him Hand, an Him shall totally clear Him threshin-floor, an Him shall put Him wheat ina Him barn, but Him shall burn the chaff ina fiyah that don't perish."

At that time 'Iyesus came from Geleela toward Yordanos fe be baptise by Yohannis. But Yohannis would prevent Him sayin - "It are necessary fe I fe be baptise by Thee-I an Thou come toward I?" An 'Iyesus answerin told him - As fe now accord fe I; fe fulfillin all Rightness thus are due InI. At that time him accorded fe Him. An after 'Iyesus were baptise Him thereupon proceeded from the Water; an check, the Heavens were opened an Him sight up when JAH Spirit it alit like unto a dove an came pon Him; an check, a Voice comin from Heaven said - "THIS ARE I CHILD INA WHOM I-MAN AM IRIE - WHOM I-MAN LOVE."